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    Camping on Site

    I started compiling this list a few years ago. These are courses with camping either on the property or on adjacent property within walking distance. This may or may not be current. I've only been to roughly half of these places and can only attest to those locations. I'll find my latest list...
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    Courses with camping

    That's exactly what some of us are looking for. In fact, I base my dg road trips on where I can camp for the night and if I can throw a round. I'll choose the campground that has a course on site, even a nine-hole course, every time. Sometimes these courses are in the middle of nowhere. I was...
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    2/20/2020 Wysocki Returns

    I was going to post the same thing. He also admitted he didn't even see a doctor...around 37:30 in the video. WHAT!!???? As someone who recovered from Lyme some 18 years ago, this is heartbreaking to watch. I was back to dg, work, etc within five days and haven't had complications since.
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    2/20/2020 Wysocki Returns

    He admitted that he didn't even talk to a doctor. Yikes
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    Show off your DGCR Courses PLAYED and FAVORITES map. Unclick wishlist.

    270, hoping for another 30 this year!
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    BIRDIE! The Disc Golf Board Game

    Yes! Don't listen to the negative nancy....that dude must be fun at parties.
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    BIRDIE! The Disc Golf Board Game

    You must not hang out with any disc golfers OFF the course and after hours? I highly doubt people will be skipping out on prime dg to sit inside around a board game.
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    Winter 2019 blows already. Come on Spring time.....

    Major storm is imminent here in the Twin Cities with 7"-12" in the forecast :cool: Will make for an interesting Wednesday night league. Leave the glow tape behind, bright LEDs are the only way to go...with 3M Super 33+ tape ;)
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    Lyme disease

    The worst is doing a thorough tick check and thinking you're good to go, then finding one crawling on the arm rest in your car two days later.
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    Glow golf for dummies

    Just don't smash trees! But for real, we remove the lights and batteries after every round. The only time we had a problem last year was the -20 or whatever it got to...the batteries were dimming. The Scotch 33+ didn't fail though! Also, I'm not a big fan of what UV light does to the eyes...
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    Glow golf for dummies

    You must not play in the snow. Also, lights only fall off if improperly applied
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    Glow golf for dummies

    LED lights > any glow disc. Period. 3M Scotch 33+ electrical tape > any other tape. Period. Background, we play a weekly night round in the winter in Minnesota with temps as far at -15F and snow up to a couple feet. Nobody with this setup has lost a disc in several years. The LD only allows...
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    Review by Craig639 in course Judson Mine DGC

    4.00 star(s) Judson Mine The first thing to point out is the setting of this course. This is a huge city-owned property that surrounds an old iron-ore mine pit. The pit is now filled with crystal clear water, which only comes into play on one hole. Unlike most other old mine pits on the Iron Range, this...
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    PDGA NT: 2019 Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open 24-Apr to 27-Apr-2019

    I figured it out. Instead of the 20cm wide and 30cm deep rectangle, make it 20cm wide and 60cm deep. The extra 30 cm is the wiggle room we need for long holes that require a run-up on the approach throw(s).
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    The sheer idiocy of playing in snow

    There were a total of eight of us at WWW league last night in Minneapolis. Temp of -17 at 6:00 to start the round, -22 at 9:00 when we finished. Not too much of a wind chill. Good times! Oh, and Scotch 33+ electrical tape FTW!! None of our lights fell off. The only thing that failed due to...