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    [Other] Streamline Discs by MVP

    I'm down to try them. As a longtime gyro thrower I'm down to try most anything MVP has to offer and these are definitively intriguing enough for me to try out. The price line alone is an incentive.
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    [Wanted] Amplifier stamped AMPS (Discnation)

    You have to click on the pic of the disc and it'll bring up the other colors available for that particular disc. Not a fan of pink either. The yellow one is pretty cool.
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    [Wanted] Amplifier stamped AMPS (Discnation)

    Go to Basket Bashers he has 2 pink, a yellow and a purple one left.
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    [MVP] Poll: What are your top three reasons to throw MVP/Axiom?

    Exactly...Thank You.
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    [Wanted] Nova putter

    Nova for Havoc. I have a Nova for trade...looking only for a Havoc.
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    [Wanted] QJLS

    Appoved QJLS 171g 10/10 Never thrown
  7. 20140106 153516

    20140106 153516

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    [Wanted] Looking for these discs. Have trades

    Classic Wardens I have two classic soft wardens for trade. pm'd
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    [Wanted] Legacy Legend and very OS Rampages

    Chavez CFR Legend Rival Have a Skulboy CFR Legend Rival 174g
  10. 20140123 150027

    20140123 150027

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    [Selling] MVP Anodes

  12. 20131227 211806

    20131227 211806

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    [Innova] Innova G Star?

    Colors that were available. They actually had a unique color available the first day besides the other three colors. I clicked on it to buy it and it was sold out. This was 30 seconds after the post from Innova came on Facebook. Whoever gets this unique color is the one making money on his...
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    [Selling] A Few Good Goodies

    Sinus Is that a hard or soft Sinus?
  15. discs for trade

    discs for trade