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    Go Fund Me for PDGA #33 - Tom Monroe

    Tom Monroe was the model for this Disc Golf Trophy.
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    Ohio Solar Eclipse 2024

    I was so amazed by the 2 minutes of totality during the 2017 total eclipse that I vowed not to miss the 2024 eclipse. It will have double the duration of totality in 2017. I'll be viewing north of Austin, Texas. Texas provides great opportunity for sunny skies (or less chance of total cloud...
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    HOD 1/17/2024: Mt. Baldy DGC Hole #5 Mt. Baldy, CA

    Since it is uphill at altitude, lightweight Star Mamba off the tee. Shout out to the photographer!
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    HOD 1/26/2024: Sycamore Park DGC Hole #9 Simi Valley, CA

    GStar Leopard off the tee. Shout out to the photographer!
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    HOD 12/22/2023: University of Redlands DGC Hole #1 Redlands, CA

    Hyzer Destroyer. Shout out to the photographer!
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    Post a cool disc golf photo

    Courses 649 and 650...St John US Virgin Islands. 2023 Bucket List completed.
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    Where are you going in 2023?

    I am planning to play 2 courses this week on St John, US Virgin Islands. These will be courses 649 & 650 for me. However, only one of the two courses is listed here on DGCR. I was hoping someone stateside could add the second course in St John to DGCR since internet at hotel here is hit or...
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    2023 DGLO

    Yikes! Ams complaining about the Am payout before the event even starts! Nate isn't doing anything out of the ordinary or nefarious. Many events use a "designated vendor" that handles the Am payout, regardless of the name of the title sponsor. Most vendors offer a variety of manufacturers...
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    HOD 7/10/2023: Colton Golf Club Hole #1 Colton, CA

    Very often a strong headwind on Tee One. Throwing my GStar Destroyer. Shout out to the photographer!
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    HOD 6/23/2023: Mount Massive Golf Course Hole #8 Leadville, CO:

    I will throw my flippy Star Mamba and hope it stays flipped to avoid the water all along the left. Everything is super stable at 10,000 feet. Shout out to the photographer.
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    HOD 6/19/2023: Sylmar Upper DGC Hole #5 Sylmar, CA

    Star Mamba off the tee. Shout out to the photographer!
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    HOD 6/12/2023: Camp Carl DGC Hole #7 Ravenna, OH

    This is strange. Apparently this course is no longer the HOD for June 12. I see the HOD as Hole 10 Gonzales DCC, Gonzales, TX. ???Confused???
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    Discs that share parts?

    If there are differences, that means they don't share all three parts.:)