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Recent content by discgolf4lif3

  1. discgolf4lif3

    [Wanted] mc pro aviars

    close to max weight mint or used white any other color prefer used have alot of paypal if you have a stack
  2. discgolf4lif3

    [Selling] Mc Pro roc3 's

    for sale. no trades. going to usps in a little bit would like to move quickly 180g 10/10 white with blue stamp $18 shipped 180g rim ink 8/10 white with white stamp $13 shipped
  3. discgolf4lif3

    [FSOT] CE Eagle (2nd run), Quest Raging Inferno, Discraft Cyclone

    more like 35 bucks for the eagle
  4. discgolf4lif3

    [Wanted] pro d challengers & nate doss challengers

    near max weight need 2 matching and 2-3 throwers pm me and bump 7/10-10/10
  5. discgolf4lif3

    PDGA ratings are up. How'd you do?

    do ratings update today?
  6. discgolf4lif3

    PDGA ratings are up. How'd you do?

    +5 back to 925
  7. discgolf4lif3

    Review by discgolf4lif3 in course Megiddo DGC

    4.00 star(s) must play very challenging for all levels of players good mix of lines lots of elevation Orange DGA Mach 5s direction markers course keeps you on your toes till the very last hole several risk and reward holes requires all the shots makes you work for the birdie or scramble for par...
  8. discgolf4lif3

    Illianasconsinigan Members (Part III)

    cant wait for this weekend
  9. discgolf4lif3

    Illianasconsinigan Members (Part III)

    who is ready for the mash?!?
  10. discgolf4lif3

    Illianasconsinigan Members (Part III)

    anyone sign up for 1st flight? heard adv and int have about 30 spots and everything thing else is about full
  11. discgolf4lif3

    [Wanted] 11x Eagle X 6-7/10 168g+

    looking for and eagle to finish a lil more right then my stable ones also wouldn't mind one beat to hell for rollers i got paypal no trades
  12. discgolf4lif3

    [Selling] Flag Stamped 1x Roc3

    soooooooooooooooo pumped thanks for the disc