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    2019 Pros Switching Sponsors Official Thread

    Maybe, but McBeth really likes that course!
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Burns Park - Blue

    3.00 star(s) I liked it It's laid out nice and it has a good mix of holes. It has multiple pin placements for most holes. There is a change in elevation occasional that is fun. The tee pads and signage are pretty good. Fun course to play. It can get muddy after rain, so heads up. The baskets have recently...
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Blackhawk

    3.50 star(s) Challenging and Nice Blackhawk had nice tee pads and signage for every hole. The course is easy to navigate. Plenty of trash cans are available as well. The course is very challenging but rewards great shots. A good mix of shot types. It was very muddy! With so many trash cans available you...
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Water Works Park

    4.00 star(s) A Top Notch Course A nice mixture of shots providing some nice scenery while navigating the course. Quality sized teepads and every hole had a decent sign. Mulitple pins on almost every hole. I really liked the elevation changes, they didn't bother me much. Tee signs are present but it is hard...
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Dolese Youth Park - East

    3.00 star(s) Ok, but we played better The layout was good. The park was pretty nice. Concrete pads were long and generous. The course looked neglected. They need signs, and new baskets. You could tell the course had heavy traffic, which is good, but requires more upkeep! Would play again, and I enjoyed...
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Lee Fong Park DGC

    2.50 star(s) Dry and Challenging Mixture of shots or back hand and side arm players. There is a variety of shots including some short holes that feature low canopies and trees to make the short holes more challenging. Baskets are in good shape and it appeared on one hole that a newer basket was there making...
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    Disc Golf Website(s)

    PM Sent. Thanks
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    Disc Golf Website(s)

    Looking to offload a few domains and a few completed, running, disc golf websites. Is there any interest in these from anyone?
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    [Selling] Who Even Throws Brainwaved Starfires?

    If you clicked this thread, here is a sweet deal! 175g Star Starfire - Brainwaved by THE Jeff Ash. - Brand New No INK! $14 Shipped in the USA! Get It! :thmbup:
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    [FSOT] Why Pay Retail?

    Prodiscus Starter Set - :thmbup: Green 175g Midar in Premium Plastic - Field Tested - No Ink- STABLE! $13 Shipped in USA Merlot 175g Legenda in Premium Plastic - Field Tested - No Ink - STABLE! $13 Shipped in USA
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    My DG Journey, so far! I'm looking for you!

    Wow! Time flies! I just noticed people are still coming to the site from this forum post! Thanks! Things have changed recently, a lot and the site is going back to its roots, so to speak. I would welcome any ideas, or suggestions on ways to improve the site. Thanks again!
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Blue Angel Park - Pines DGC

    3.50 star(s) Nice Course, Could Be Better Every hole has signage that is descriptive and a tee box long enough to be comfortable. Every hole also had an Am Tee and a Pro Tee. Lots of trash cans, water coolers, and benches. Baskets were a little outdated. There was a little bit of trash, but nothing out of...
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    Review by dlopez916 in course Bell Park DGC

    3.00 star(s) Great Course for New Players This course overall is short. They did mix in a few longer holes, but nothing more than 400 ft. There is a few tricky pin locations. When I played there was concrete teepads, so they have improved that. There is also a delicate island hole without too much room for...
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    [Selling] USDGC Champ Roc +

    Brand New! Just need to get rid of. Not what we ordered, but don't want to return it. Any takers, $17.00, free shipping.....
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    Looking for a few hardcore disc golfers in the following states...

    11:59 pm, CST (8 mins) is the deadline to enter our Ti Stalker Giveaway. Just subscribe to the youtube channel for disc golf arkansas. Oh, did I mention it is autographed by Paige Pierce?