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    Go to Hyzer disc?

    Lots of variables in hyzer shots, so I can't really make a blanket statement about any one disc I've thrown. For me the hyzer line-up is: GL Pain-for the shots around 250 and under, where I want controlled glide, fade with a predictability that you can set a watch to, and not much skip. Opto...
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    Post here being used to build cases against disc golf

    DGCR should sue that organization for using/distributing copyrighted materials and IP. It won't win over more DG supporters, but it might slow down the fight against us. And let discgolf center know that they are also using/distributing their ad for ill gain.
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    Disc Golf at our New Festival? Phases of the Moon!

    There are already festivals that incorporate disc golf, both officially and otherwise. As far as what will be going on: Soft drug use HPV fart/beard comparisons The typical music festival stuff. Just keep in mind that the hottness factor of any girls will go down 20% daily due to the...
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    Most Annoying Sound Ever on a DGC

    Most annoying: Gunshots while I'm teeing off(I live in the south; it's common) Favorite sound: UGA's girls crew team yelling "Stroke" repeatedly, and moaning as they row on by.
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    What's the most you'd pay for a bag?

    The most I *have* spent on a bag was $50 for a DGA Elite Shield bag. The most I *would* spend on a bag(assuming I had money and played a lot more) is around $200 or so; however much the Prodiscus jetpack costs. It's a sweet bag.
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    [Selling] Everything $10 or less! Latitude, Discmania, more!

    What's up with the recycled Spike? I been looking for one
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    Favorite putting putter color?

    Clear Prodiscus Jokeri
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    considering winter trek south - good course density areas?

    The IDGC is probably the best bet. Warm weather, 3 great courses in one park, several more nearby. It's only like a 30 minute drive from the IDGC to the Hippodrome.
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    The shot you're MOST proud of

    My favorite shot was when I ripped a nice, long drive from a slightly elevated tee. It carried about 400 feet(I was typically only throwing 300 then), and flew right into the front spoke of a bike riding down the path behind the fairway. Dude fell off his bike, looked at the disc, stretched his...
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    What do yall think of my bag setup?

    If you live in Alasker, maybe you might want to look into some of the brands that kinda specialize in cold weather/high wind conditions. Prodiscus is good for both, as is Lat64 and their affiliates. I haven't thrown much Daredevil, but they're Canadian and design around that kind of conditions.
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    Nicknames for DG

    Throw some D it's also a term for sexually harassing the new girls at work
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    disc design and production Obviously, Vibram uses a different rubber, and therefore some parts of the process are different.
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    Gregg Barsby - Messing with Yeti

    I'd like to see a barsby "in the bag" vid now that he's comfortable with Westside
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    Single round in ATL - Leaving in 30 minutes!

    If you only have a core and Omega, go play East Roswell park. Moseley is long, and going to be super hot today. ERP is mostly technical and wooded.
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    How far do you throw?

    I can push a mini out 50+ feet; 60 on a really good day.