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Recent content by Eifsmaninfl

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    Special Edition discs

    Help me out with these discs.What are they worth? Special edition teebird,flying eye, tie dye 174 gr.new Special edition valkyrie tie dye 174 gr. new Special edition teebird 174gr, white with black stamp Jls tie dye,flying eye 172gr. Jls white, black flying eye stamp 174gr. Special edition...
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    Kc discs

    What's a ten time Teebird worth white w' black stamp 173gr.new 9x Eagle White w/ black stamp flying eye 174gr. new 9x teebird tie dye flying eye 172 gr. new 9x gazelle tie dye 175 gr. new 10x teebird blended candy174gr.
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    [Innova] Rocs

    Help me out, what are these rocs worth. 10x new prestine condition.180 gr. white w/black stamp 10x used 96% condition minor scratchs on bead,white w/rainbow stamp177gr. 9x used 95% condition 3 nics on rim,minor scratchs on bead179gr. Super rocs used 176,177gr. ink on back in 90% condition