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    USDGC 2023 - 25th edition

    Anyone have the distance results for USDGC and TP? I can't find them anywhere. TIA
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    North Hampton School DGC discussion

    Course Intro
  3. North Hampton School DGC 440 mi (from your location) North Hampton, NH
    21 reviews
    Perfect conditions
    Holes / Baskets: 9 / 9
    Length: 1440 ft
    Hole Type: Baskets
    Tee Type: Turf
    Course Type: Permanent course
    Landscape: Mostly Flat
    Terrain: Heavily Wooded
    Multiple Tees / Pins: No / No
  4. North Hampton School DGC media

    North Hampton School DGC media

    North Hampton School DGC media
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    2019 United States Disc Golf Championship Oct 2-5

    Scoring spread on 13 was horrible. No aces, 10s, 11s, 12s, or 13s? Basically, everyone just got a 2-9 except for Jeff. Steve West, help me out here!!!
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    2019 Ledgestone

    I would suggest that he may have peaked.
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    2019 Ledgestone

    Sorry dude. :\
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    2019 Ledgestone

    Knock on wood, but is Emerson Keith seriously going to alternate birdies and pars for the entire round??
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    Found an Ace Disc

    Quick story: a couple of weeks ago a buddy loses a disc, someone posts on a local FB page that they found it but has a PDGA # and no phone #, 2 min later someone else posts a screenshot from PDGA page with my buddy’s name, soon after I tell my buddy about it, he PMs the finder and gets his disc...
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    PDGA NT: 2019 Beaver State Fling presented by KEEN 07-Jun to 09-Jun-2019

    Double G having a rough round but taking all the eagles for himself. Selfish.
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    Discraft Memorial Day Mystery box results $99

    ...packed? ...perked?? ...pranked??? ...piqued???? I give up.
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    I-5 @ DeLaveaga!

    Only time I played it I threw aaalllmost to the mouth, flick upshot that tailed off to the right, then made the putt from my knees through some branches. Eagle’s line over the trees is just nuts.
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    PDGA NT: 2019 Santa Cruz Masters Cup presented by Innova 17-May to 19-May-2019

    I agree. I was getting so tired of watching interesting golf, it was nice to just be bored. :\ Great to see Garrett win a big one though!!!
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    DGPT: 2019 San Francisco Open presented by AbsoluteXtracts 10-May to 12-May-2019

    But the second the disc is out of her hand it doesn’t matter. Why post a screenshot of her foot placement when the disc is already 6-8’ out of her hand? This is the second such posting, and it seems a little disingenuous to me.