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Recent content by Garryjercia

  1. Garryjercia

    What happened to the Phenix Quadshocks?

    Did I miss something? I heard that they had a crappy run or two, but has the production stopped altogether?
  2. Garryjercia

    Looking for some pre-cut Oracal

    This is where I got mine. It's 12x12 but it works great. http://www.ebay.com/itm/40-sheets-12-x12-Oracal-651-Craft-Vinyl-Pick-From-29-Bright-Glossy-Colors-/321270400883?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4acd354773
  3. Garryjercia

    im having issues w black dye shades

    I can't speak for John, but I like alcohol more than acetone because it doesn't mess with the stamp. If the stamp is already gone and you're looking for the punch of color, then acetone is the way to go.
  4. Garryjercia

    im having issues w black dye shades

    Somebody is gonna make some money selling dime bags
  5. Garryjercia

    Pre-order your personalized DGCR Bag Tag XII!

    Count me among the waiting :cool:
  6. Garryjercia

    Painting with idye poly

    No acetone or alcohol? Good to know. Thanks
  7. Garryjercia

    Shaving cream design and Results

    Still looks cool, but it may have turned out more like you were hoping if the shaving cream bed was thicker
  8. Garryjercia

    The Dye A Day Thread! (Part II)

    That is one awesome van. What are you doing with the dye to make it pop so well, acetone & powder?
  9. Garryjercia

    Making VIbrams more visible

    Rubber cement might stick to the disc, it being rubber and all.
  10. Garryjercia

    Sandals for disc?

    This guy is a beast. Even in flip flops. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=635891039771027
  11. Garryjercia

    It's a quiet Saturday night so...footwear?

    Vibram Bikilas LS are great, if you like going barefoot. I find I get much better traction than in sneakers, especially once they are wet. There are a couple parks that I won't wear them to, though -- lots of broken glass or really rocky terrain. I picked up a pair of Keen's Delavegas about...
  12. Garryjercia

    vinyl help

    The sign shops near me were all asking WAY too much for vinyl. I got 12x12 sheets on ebay, like 35 for $20, plus you pick the colors
  13. Garryjercia

    My DIY Disc Golf Target!

  14. Garryjercia

    Shaving cream design and Results

    You can substitute rubbing alcohol for the acetone if you want to save the stamp
  15. Garryjercia

    Dyeing things that are not discs...

    Just got a pair myself. I could go either way on the color, but the shoes themselves have performed great over the past two weeks. I doubt that washing them with RIT would work, because of the waterproofing process they use, but hey, it's worth a try (especially on a free pair).