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    What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

    Solid choices for sure. I'm gonna have to go with '21 Jennings Sidewinder. I use this disc for hyzer flip dead straight shots, long pushing hyzers, backhand rollers that give max distance for me, as well as forehand rollers to get out of trouble. My second choice would have to be the star...
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    [Innova] Sidewinder Thoughts?

    I throw the sidewinder a lot. It used to be my go-to driver for almost any shot unless its a headwind. Now that I have improved my power, I tend to use the mamba for down wind distance and a wraith/ force for headwind distance. I still rely upon the sidewinder for tunnel shots, standstill shots...
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    Distance driver suggestions?

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I think I will give the beast a try.
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    Understable midrange for nice little turnover shots?

    I use a Buzzz SS for most of my turnovers, but if you need something that you can throw every so lightly and still have it turn, the meteor is where it's at.
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    Distance driver suggestions?

    Hi guys, I am looking for some suggestions on distance drivers. I am noticing on the course that I have a gap in the bag. I currently bag a force, wraith, and a mamba. I am looking for something that'll fit between the wraith and mamba. I am thinking maybe a distance driver version of an...
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    [Putters] Best High Glide Putters?

    I used to be of the same opinion that I needed more glide until I realized that a low glide, overstable option worked best when I developed more spin rate. I putt with the Innova Rhyno and have seen a huge improvement in my putting game. Full disclosure I put a lot of emphasis on my putting game...
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    High Speed Understable Disc

    Innova mamba is probably what you're looking for.
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    [Wanted] Ulibarri Raptor

    Hi guys, looking specifically for 2020 Ulibarri Raptors. Open to trades or straight buys. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    [Recommend] 'Dumpy' Approach Disc?

    I recommend a Rhyno as it is the closest I've found that I can run the basket and not go far past if I miss. But be warned, like others have said, if you run upshots, do not expect an easy, close putt. Better to spend more time developing your putting to increase your comfort distance. Best of luck
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    [Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot

    Just grabbed 2 Pa2 Manabu's! The most underrated disc ever in my opinion!
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    [Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot

    Rhynos are so underrated!! Got a couple of the Barsby 22's for spin putts and a champ for approaches.
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    Powered Down Putter/Approach Shots

    glad to hear someone else like to flick the Rhyno! one of the most underrated discs IMO
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    You can only carry 3 discs a driver,mid,and a putter. What do you choose?

    driver- wraith mid- buzzz putter- rhyno
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    [Recommend] 3-Disc Bag

    I'd have to say these 3: putter- Rhyno mid- Buzzz driver- Raptor
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    HOD 10/23/2022: Oklahoma Panhandle DGC Hole #6 Goodwell, OK

    Backhand ulibarri raptor spike hyzer.