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    USDGC 2023 - 25th edition

    Just catching highlight packages of the ladies, but did watch round 1 on Youtube. Very entertaining so far and I think having James Proctor on the bag is really helping the Finnish women. You can hear him just keeping it positive and light, with a few giggles in response. Looking forwards to...
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    USWDGC 2023

    Wishing Kona a speedy recovery … so glad she’s got a diagnosis. Hopefully everything goes well and she’s back in contention again very soon.
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    2023 MVP Open at Maple Hill

    I have a theory she doesn't want to jump in the pond ;)
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    Which Innova sits between a Wedge and a Shark in both feel and stability?

    A Wombat3 springs to mind.
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    What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

    Found someone local selling off their RPM Taniwha collection and couldn’t grab them quick enough. Loving these at the moment. Other than that I just love throwing my K1 Soft Berg ….
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    2023 DGLO

    What went down there? On the live stream Luke appeared to make his tee time when he was announced and landed in bounds. He scored a 7 on that first hole (par +4). Not sure what happened there.
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    European Disc Golf Championship 2023

    I think it certainly meant something to all the players there. The crowds were massive, Kristin was in front of her home crowd, the President, a possible injury ... something obviously got to her. Silver had to stop caddying with a hole or two to go to make his own tee time, and was teeing off...
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    European Disc Golf Championship 2023

    Kristin Tattar with a 1054 rated round 2. Do we need to reach for the record books?
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    [Axiom] Axiom Paradox

    Precisely. My sidearm is now retired through injury and the Paradox is a great tool to have.
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    Understable midrange for nice little turnover shots?

    Can’t believe nobody recommended a Piwakawaka from RPM!
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    European Open 2023

    Yes, the European season has been fantastic and it’s shame there is no post-produced available during the tournament. I’ll likely not bother in a month. Great finish by Heidi … fantastic to take second.
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    European Open 2023

    I know and I’m only watching it on UDisc live :) I’ll have to wait for some post-production to watch it.
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    European Open 2023

    Astonishing FPO leaderboard half way through round two.
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    Replace the Champ Banshee

    I have a Champion Banshee and the "old" Neutron Resistor is pretty close to it. There seemed to have been a run of more mellow Resistors that were a lot straighter released that confused things. The newer glow Resistors seem to have got the beef back. Resistors felt nicer in the hand to me...
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    PCS Open 2023

    Interesting first round for the FPO - could have easily been the three Fins on top. Eveliina looked sharp. Both she and Henna threw some amazing tee shots today. Kristin seemed to take four holes to warm up, but really didn’t make a putt the whole round.