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  1. Grinder12000

    Review by Grinder12000 in course WARP DGC

    3.50 star(s) Fun and technical Not really a "thinking mans" course as there is to many random tree hitting. More like which of the hundred trees will I TRY to miss. Fun course with many alternative shots. I WOULD have given this a 4.0 but a couple CONS (see below). But 7 holes are wonderful with an...
  2. Grinder12000

    Games to play

    It would be nice to have a sticky or a thread that has all the rules for different games to play. Or a website?
  3. Grinder12000

    Bang for buck temp basket?

    Hmmmmmm. Not there today. Not sure I want one of those anyway.
  4. Grinder12000

    Bang for buck temp basket?

    Our Costco does not have baskets. Dynamic baskets look good and Innova has a basket for the same price. We have 6 permanent baskets but no room for 3 more on a permanent basis.
  5. Grinder12000

    Bang for buck temp basket?

    I'm looking for a temporary basket. figure a couple hundred and there are a few out there. Are any better then the next? What should I look for AND when I do get one can I make it better? Our course http://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=7631 Only has 6 permanent so one more would...
  6. Grinder12000

    Distance Driver for 250 foot RHFH

    One thing I have learned the hard and expensive way is that I like the 164ish weight disc but those are hard to find even in Madison so if I really want a disc I have to order it online. the 170+ discs just seem heavy and clunky for my arm. I'm just glad I'm at a point where I can see a...
  7. Hole #5 Tee

    Hole #5 Tee

  8. Hole #3 Tee

    Hole #3 Tee

  9. Hole #4 Tee

    Hole #4 Tee

  10. Hole #6 Tee

    Hole #6 Tee

  11. Hole #2 Tee

    Hole #2 Tee

  12. Hole #1 Tee

    Hole #1 Tee

  13. Grinder12000

    Sidearm Pain

    I know exactly what you are feeling - I have been throwing sidearm for 2 years with ZERO pain until I tried to over throw a few days ago and BAM. ICE ICE ICE and rest and think about your mechanics and where the stress comes from. Picture your throw in your minds eye. I got mine from trying to...
  14. Grinder12000

    Writing an article about DC - needs suggestions

    I think Waterloo is Firemens Park :-) Columbus is FireMANS park big difference LOL. Don't get me started. HOWEVER - I am open to a name change! Suggestions are welcome. Pavilion Park? (100 years old next year).
  15. Grinder12000

    Needs new signage - where to purchase??

    Ken - what are those made out of and which size did you find worked best ???