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    Guys draggin carts along...

    huh. I am having trouble adapting a bag to the BagBoy cart I bought. I am seriously considering a GGGT cart, I looked at one today, pretty cool. I've learned a lot about disc golf since I started this thread. One of my buddies uses a cart of which I really like. I'll search this thread and the...
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    What happened to lolkug? I dint quit. I lose interest but I'm checking in... Did the place melt...

    What happened to lolkug? I dint quit. I lose interest but I'm checking in... Did the place melt down? Get nickd? Help a brother out! been discing with friends... want to disc here
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    What? You guys kick me out?

    What? You guys kick me out?
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    Guys draggin carts along...

    Sheet mon... I started this thread some time ago. Now I know a little and one thing I do know is I dint know squat when I posted this boner. I'm going to make a cart. I also throw rollers and I've won a couple of weekend gigs now. I'm still discin chucking and cuttin the air up nicely. Still...
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    Roller (disc) comments

    My disc golf buddies are old pros. They laser the disc out there or sky hyzer it for the hugest hit, I can get it down there but for outdriving these guys, I'm having to send some rollers down there. Drive for show, putt for dough... I just need to get it down there, far. I use Star and...
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    Post your most recent plastic purchase.

    "Star Team" Star Roadrunner (177g) for rollers. I've been trying to find a max weight Star Roadrunner for distance rolling, found it.
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    Guys draggin carts along...

    Guys drivin carts along. I've started to look for my own pull cart.
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    Review by hangwind in course Greenfield Lakes - Front 18

    4.50 star(s) Disc Golf How about a nice ball golf course embracing disc golf with excellent grip cement tee pads, Mach 5 baskets, GOLF CARTS with the cart girl circling three times in the front 18 and there is a back 18 too. Water hazards, some minor elevation, tree put into play and wonderful roller...
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    Pay to play disc golf

    Greenfield Lakes (DISC) Golf Course is awesome. Golf carts, cement T-pads that are grippy even when wet, Mach 5 baskets, 36 holes, $10 and the cart girl is cute and the beer is ice cold. The course is working well even when teeing off between stick golfers. It's here.
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    Guys draggin carts along...

    What's up Juke? I've learned to play backhand now. Forehand off the tee all the time, it was holding me back. I can send a disc much farther now and if I need the disc to hook right, I'll send it left handed... It's all about the pull. I'm don't do politically correct, I learn, sometimes the...
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    Guys draggin carts along...

    Well, another milestone for me. One of disc golf buddies drags a cart along... I played with him this last weekend, Jack Selleh. He flat out can send discs. He has been playing since the late seventies and his cart looks pretty old. Got a cooler and a set of pvc pipes that he hangs his bag from...
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    [Innova] Starlite Roadrunner

    That didn't take long.
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    [Innova] Starlite Roadrunner

    Digging mine. Not for rolling. Love the flight patterns I can make with it. I am so happy that Innova is making light discs with premium plastics.
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    [Innova] Rollin Roadrunners

    Funny, when I started out, I thought rollers where for idiots that didn't know how to play disc golf. Ughh. I know longer have any attitude in disc golf, just to keep my mind open and learn. The roller is now my favorite shot by far. Not the most used shot but my favorite and I consider it...
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    [Innova] Dart Fans Post Here!

    That's what my old pro friend says, he doesn't like them at all. However, they work really well for me after a few weeks I've improved my approach shots. It's the disc, not me, it is more controllable for me. It's a disc that I am learning to really like. The guy who said it was sneaky...