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Recent content by hh2news

  1. hh2news

    How far out do you throw your putter?

    I don't know how far away, but I throw my putter when I think I can sink it.
  2. hh2news

    How to deal with a Douche

    Call them a douche to their face. SOMETHING will happen.
  3. hh2news

    Leave the course and hit the field

    Here's a pic (uploaded by YonderScott)
  4. hh2news

    Waiting for discs

    I know what it means to play the waiting game for items. It sucks. I am actually doing that right now but for a video game from a friend.
  5. hh2news

    How long do you search for your discs?

    I've only REALLY lost a disc once. It took me about 10 minutes to find it. I HAD to find it, I only had 3 discs at the time.
  6. hh2news

    course luxuries you like to see

    I think that is called the 19th hole. OHHH SNAP!!!
  7. hh2news

    Best Disc Golf Vids Online?

    My local Public Access station has a Disc Golf SHOW on it every week.
  8. hh2news

    Leave the course and hit the field

    Hole 4 at my local course (Bailey Road Park) is UNDERNEATH one of those power poles.
  9. hh2news

    Post your most recent plastic purchase.

    Innova 3-Pack from Dick's Sporting Goods. Leopard, Champ Shark, and Aviar.
  10. hh2news


    I use the discs as washcloths.
  11. hh2news

    My gazelle shrine

    Someday I'll have 10 discs total. Someday I'll enough discs to just put 10 of them on display.
  12. hh2news


    I wash mine in the bathtub.
  13. hh2news

    Would you rather?

    Putting is most likely the strongest part of my game. If I up it by 25% unstoppable. I wonder if I can find a glove that adds 25 to putting. RPG JOKES FOR THE WIN!!!
  14. hh2news

    Leave the course and hit the field

    That is a good idea. I'll try that once I have more than just 3 discs.
  15. hh2news

    How long did it take to get your 1st ACE?

    I've been playing for 6 years. No aces. But there was a 4 year gap of no play in there.