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Recent content by Huck

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    Review by Huck in course Patapsco Valley State Park

    4.00 star(s) Ouch....weeeeee This is the course to play if you want to be tested. There is huge distance, there are tight fairways (sometimes on the same hole). This is how a disc golf course should be made. This would be a 4.9 or maybe a 5 except for crappy tee-pads and tall grass. The only other con is...
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    Review by Huck in course Kinder Farm Park - Old Layout

    1.50 star(s) used to be great It is a disc golf course. The hole lay out is actually fun to play. There are some huge elevation changes (ok, not huge... but decent). There are some very open and some very tight holes. There is plenty of parking There are walking trails and a really big, really cool...
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    Review by Huck in course Schumaker Pond

    2.50 star(s) As everyone has said it is a pretty good use of the space available. There are a nice variety of shots to be made. Not too much interaction between fairways. Signage needs to be improved. There are a few shots that go over teh parking lot or near where kids play and I think the 2 water holes are...
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    Par vs Pro Par

    The concept of PAR and the arguments concerning all 3 or variable are pointless untill there is a true universal guideline that says if this hole meets this criteria then it is par 4.:) And besides if you have played or ran a tournament you know that it is the total that matters. So if I play...
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    [Innova] Innova Boss

    I agree. There has always been a little bit of difference between runs but it has gotten out of hand in recent years.
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    Help a brother out

    I started with just a beadless aviar (June 87). I played with that for a couple of years and it helped me develop a lot more distance. I can still (I am 42) throw an aviar putt and approach 325+ feet. But I can throw distance plastic easily in the mid to upper 400's.
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    Review by Huck in course Dalaiwood

    4.00 star(s) Down on the farm This is a course that will test you. Very well laid out in a very logical progression. This course has everything (even a llama). Hard to imagine being bored playing this course. Privately owned so not always open. Scott Papa is one of the nicest people you will meet. The...
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    Review by Huck in course Bull Run Regional Park - Old Layout

    0.50 star(s) Hmmmmm It is a course. It is good for your short game. If you feel the need for aces, this is the course Poorly maintained. Can be tough to navigate Once shot 43 with a fast back
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    Review by Huck in course Druid Hill Park - Legacy

    4.00 star(s) Downtown with open space This is a great course. Nice elavation changes. Nice mix of long and short, left and right, up and down. This course will help you develop a complete game. The holes are laid out to make good use of the trees available, most trees here make you change the shot you...
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    Review by Huck in course Calvert Road Park

    4.50 star(s) Old Skool Easy enough for beginners with enough challenge for more advanced players. Very dedicated group of locals do a nice job keeping it clean. Plenty of shade. There are mulitple tees and pins on each hole. You will need to be able to make all of the throws (flat, hyzer, anhyzer, rollers...