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Recent content by ilmcgee

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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Returned a disc, lost a disc and found two today. Need to get more Teebirds now. Probably pick up dx and star or gstar. Played ok at the new course at the old stomping grounds. 3 Rhynos 1 Gator 2 VRocs 3 Teebirds
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Couple more rounds in. Approach game is back on. Tickling the chains or leaving drop ins from 150' and in. Also been driving a little longer as of late. Makes me feel like I need to really work on my form. Whatever I'm doing, I need to make it muscle memory. All in all, today was one of...
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    HOD 6/17/2020: Sioux Passage - Briscoe Woods Hole #4 Florissant, MO

    Usually rhfh a Teebird off the tee here hoping to get past the first line of trees. I find this is a good hole to play aggressive. A tree kick into the woods can almost be better than being behind the jail trees.
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Read as 12 Days of Christmas ~ 4 Teebirds 3 DX Rhynos 2 Vee Rocs and a Gator in an Innova bag ~
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Bagged two new courses today with the younger son. Good weather, disc golf and great company, perfect Father's Day. Same setup.
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Another couple rounds in. Forehand was dialed in. Today forehand, backhand, everything was all over the place. On the plus side, weather was great and got some more backups. Thanks Geo. Field work with the VRocs afterwards went well. Wish I could have thrown like that during the round...
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Got in a couple more rounds this past week. Upshots with the Gator are definitely the strong point of my game right now. Need to work on backhand as timing is way off. Want to check out a DX Lion as stores are starting to open up. 3 Rhynos 2 VRocs 4 Teebirds And a Gator
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    [Innova] Lion

    Anyone have a profile pic of a DX Lion? Any more flight reviews would be great as well. Please and thanks
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Took the younger son out today. Only got in 9 as the mosquitos were feasting on him. Don't know why they found him so much tastier than myself, but I left almost unscathed. 3 Rhynos 2 VRocs 4 Teebirds And a Gator
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    Remembering your first time

    I remember the park and the disc, Sioux Passage and a circle stamp dx Viper. I'm sure I played poorly as I still do. The important part was it was fun and still is.
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    NEW Disc Golf Channel - Justin Dubé

    Just remember grams is a measurement of mass, not weight. Your gravity may vary.
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    Marm O. discs

    Undead XT Rhynos.... And keep up the great work, your art is fantastic
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Finally had some cooler weather here. And instead of doing anything useful, I went discing. :) Played the same ol course with the same ol discs, but it was a blast. It being low 70's, breezy and low humidity sure helped. Looking forward to more fall rounds.
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    ilmcgee's Bag

    Got in a round and a half today. BH was much better today. Decided I'm just gonna stick with the VRocs. Having such a straight out of the box mid seems to compliment my game better. If anyone is looking to swap a Bio Verdict for a VRoc, I'm game. 3 DX Rhynos 2 VRoc, DX and G* Star Gator 4...
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    [Innova] Rhyno Nation!

    I throw DX Rhynos. They are the only putter I carry. For approaches and drives l like that they go only as far as you throw them. They beat to almost dead nuts straight but still fight wind. It's a great disc if you like low profile.