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    So, how did you play today?

    Fantastic. Played a very windy Lincoln Ridge. Missed far too many birdie putts. Three-putted my way to 3 double bogeys. Finished 5 over. But, I put my first shot of the day into the basket. I went 8 seasons without acing a hole, with many near misses. Finally getting my first ace may be the...
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    The Foot "Fault"

    Im curious, and lack a solid knowledge of the rules. What if op's friend placed a second marker a foot or 2 behind the first and putted from there? Could he then continue to putt as he always does?
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    NC to Cincinnati (breweries/brewpubs)?

    I have to chime in on this one. Hofbrau is great, depending on when you show up. Its the only place I know of where you can drink liters of beer while enjoying a summer evening. All the beers are pretty good. Just dont go if its friday or saturday night. When the preppie bars downtown...
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    ways to measure putts

    I can't speak for anyone else but it's a confidence factor for me. I know I can hit a 7-step putt 90% of the time. I know from 7 to 10 steps I drop to about 80% and the numbers drop from there. So looking at a 13-step putt, I have confidence knowing I've made the putt before and I can sink it...
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    [Innova] Does anybody still throw a Beast?

    I love the beast. It was the first driver I bought, and still one of my most consistent. On the flip side, Ive lost 4 over the last 3 summers.
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    ways to measure putts

    I use my own pace to measure my practice putts. Ill take 3 steps from the basket turn and sink the putt. Then Ill take 4, and continue to add a step each putt till I hit 15. If I miss I start over. During rounds I judge the distance in steps, a 7-step or a 12-step putt for example. I can...
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    Idlewild is adding holes

    I can't speak for all the land that the 6 holes will encompass, but I know that there is a clearing, slightly downhill, barely edging left with a 30-40ft opening at the end thats begging to be a fairway. Its as if it was anointed by the disc gods themselves.
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    Noobie Question Thread (Dumb Questions answered here)

    I've been playing for 5ish years now and have put in over 5 rounds a week over the last two summers, am I still a noob?
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    The sun is up, the sky is blue, where will your discs take you?

    The national forecast is for seasonal highs in nearly every major city in the U.S. this week. I know many on this site have been braving the cold and snow anyway. But with the first real warmup of the year on the way, I'm sure those who've shied away from harsh conditions will be out in force...
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    How many people play disc golf in the snow?

    Most my go-to discs are white. I had to buy a new rhyno and tl for snow rounds. Orange is so much easier to spot.
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    Hole, Pin or Basket: What is the appropriate term?

    Context is definitely key. When approaching, I'll never refer to the physical basket as "the hole." My friends and I use "chains" more than anything else. I'd bet that it's mostly regional dialects that causes one term to be used over another.
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    Post a cool disc golf winter photo

    Is there any way you could post a higher resolution version? This need to be my desktop background. A great picture of one of my favorite holes.
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    Best Highway Exit in Disc Golf

    Yeah, you can get off at exit 182 on I-75 N and take KY 18 east towards banklick (lincoln ridge), but its a 14 mi 30+ min drive. It's quicker and easier to hop back on the interstate. I love both these courses, but they dont quite fit this thread
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    Buy a Volvo, go play DG in Sweden

    OOOHHHHHH or a 85 240?