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Recent content by Innova63

  1. Innova63

    Highbridge Hills - Wisconsin

    I would recommend following Highbridge on the book of faces... He seems to post regularly there.
  2. Innova63

    Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

    Rained again Monday nite. Stoney Creek rose a bit... Basically the last 11 holes are all casual water...
  3. Innova63

    Post a NOT cool disc golf photo

    Little old Crystal Lake in Beaver Damn hot a little rain on Saturday nite....
  4. Innova63

    HOD 4/14/2024: Rock River DGC Hole #5 Watertown, WI

    With the changes to 21 hole layout and a new starting hole, I think this is now hole seven... I could be wrong, But I doubt it...
  5. Innova63

    Updated DGCR App

    Just found out about the "updated" app. There has to be a better and faster way to get this "update" It only took me like seven days to find out about it.
  6. Innova63

    Disc Golf & Mountain Bike Conflict

    I assume Mark and Josh will be speaking at this meeting.
  7. Innova63

    Updated DGCR App

    Some thoughts on the app, Android version. App version 2.00.8 (2000093) When in the forums, no easy way to get to last read or newest entry. Scrolling through years of old stuff is not efficient... Having my past rounds pop up, but not say what course the scores are from is not...
  8. Innova63

    [Innova] Disc collecting

    And he is back! Casey, many have missed your posts and stories.
  9. Innova63

    [Recommend] Replace my Rhyno

    What.... Wait a sec.... Casey's back? But with a brief response!
  10. Innova63

    DGCR Meet up - Minnesota 2024 - July 13th/14th

    2001 Pro Worlds... Didn't play, but showed up to spectate. I remember 100 plus degrees... I remember the skeeters... Don't remember the ticks... Remember Barry finishing second... Again...
  11. Innova63

    Discussion - Thoughts on how you choose your putter

    Currently using "puffy" Wizards, I believe SS flex. I was a long time Omega user, Proto 1.2 until those were basically unavailable, then AP's. I like the feel of the texture and grip. I turned to Wizards after getting some them with some "Overstable" stamp. I really like the Fossil Flex from...
  12. Innova63

    [Other] Lone Star Discs

    How about some Fossil Glow Iguanas... Or have I missed a Fossil run of Iguanas?
  13. Innova63

    Is it Cheating???

  14. Innova63

    Is it Cheating???

    Just turned 60 last week. Back when I turned masters age the first time, we called Advil "skittles". Five years later, when I got to be masters age again, Advil was more prevalent in the division, as were some of the less legal pain killers.
  15. Innova63

    Stop asking if you are outside the circle!

    I seem to remember Steve Wisecup walking off the distance on many of his putts. I think it was to help him know what link to aim at.