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Recent content by iridiumplain

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    [MVP] MVP Axis

    Bomber mid! Learn it and love it. This is one of the best mids ever made especially in Eclipse Proton plastic for durability and the white rim makes it easier to find. It holds lines very well and with proper form can glide a long way. Just learn to work the release angles and you can make...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread)

    Ditto on the all MVP bag. I am hoping to be able to do that in my first tournament, but that of course depends on the Volt release date. Would be really cool to throw an all Neutron MVP bag. Definately looking forward to comparing the Neutron Anode and mids with the Proton versions. Might...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread)

    Thanks for the review! Very cool! Looking forward to getting them airborne.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the MVP info. Hoping to throw an MVP only bag in my first...

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the MVP info. Hoping to throw an MVP only bag in my first tourney this October. Really hoping the Volt will work in 168, 172 & max weight to cover driver duties and that it gets released soon for practice purposes. Love their mids and putters and after buying...
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    [MVP] MVP VOLT - The Comprehensive Thread

    I concur sir! Sounds like a great plan. I would change the 171 to 172, but I had pretty much the same idea. One driver mold to play with could be pretty fun in a few different weights. If the Volt gets released in time to get some practice in I hope to play my first tournement with nothing...
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    [MVP] MVP VOLT - The Comprehensive Thread

    I agree almost entirely. 168, 172 & max weight for me.