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    New Bag company LBBAGS

    I'm a few days shy of a year with my Rufus. Unlike others, I never really push the carrying capacity. I'd personally not want to go above 3 in the top and 12 in the main. One side is permanently folded down for water and snacks. The other side is always a retriever, a range finder, and some...
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    Isamoor's ITB - a boring affair

    Well, didn't post much here during the summer. Had a great time just getting out and playing a lot. By the end of the summer, I'm back to putting and throwing Wizards. Envies are just too dang fast for putting. I'm trying to convince myself to offload my envy stack so I don't try and putt...
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    [Innova] The Innova It

    Yea, just reread the history here and plenty of folks are enjoying the IT for rollers. So ignore what I said. I also didn't realize the IT has exactly the roadrunner bottom. I don't have any roadrunners and haven't thrown one in years so I didn't recognize it.
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    [Innova] The Innova It

    Finally found an Innova IT in the used bin at my local PIAS. Gently used 170star (from the orange Halloween run). Got out in the field with it... and that's one smooth bugger. Just a consistent smooth turn. I was backhanding it a bit over 300'. Landing pretty flat off to the right (RHBH). I...
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    Best Insoles?

    Hola One is definitely a niche brand. Their classic models are very marshmellowy. But if you've got some foot issues, they can be very pleasant. They're often stacked high enough you can't replicate the experience with just an insole swap in another shoe. I did a few rounds with a pair for...
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    What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

    Favorite to throw? Z Comet. Something about that slow glide is just so danged pleasing. It's also weird, but when I pick up a Comet, I don't stress about my form as much. Because I just know I have to be smooth and spin it, so I just do it. Second pick? Z Flx Zone. Zero stress approach...
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    Carrying bag or cart: Which is more physically demanding?

    I'll join the "it depends". But in either camp, if you're worried about endurance, I'll also agree with "carry less discs/weight" and "exercise more off the course". I don't always succeed with that advice, but I think it is very sound. For carts, I try very hard to always push/pull with my...
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    Rocking the Hips

    I know it's silly to buy a bunch of gadgets for this game. But I was grumpy with my hips and in a moment of weakness I bought this: SHOP PLAY 9 Core & Hip Belt Resistance Band for Baseball & Softball Belt for Strength and Resistance I at least didn't order another dozen discs I...
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    [Innova] Not digging the Star Valkyrie

    There are so many Valks produced. I find both Champ and Star are produced in a wide variety of: dominess, wing height, wing flatness. Halo star this far has at least been fairly consistent with slightly above average dome and wing height (from what I've seen). But that could be there just...
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    [Innova] Not digging the Star Valkyrie

    Nice bump. I'd still say a nice fresh star valk is pretty stable for most players. And now you can bump up to halo star if you want a bit more stability...
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    [Compare] Straight upshots/drives: Axiom Proxy vs Lat64 Pure

    Although I'm not putting with them right now, I've spent many months putting with regular electron envies. I've been very pleased with the plastic durability myself. I usually enjoy putting with a seasoned electron envy, so any fresh one gets a few one-disc rounds in the woods. Sure, electron...
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    Best Insoles?

    Six year bump. So middle age brought me a nice bought of plantar fasciitis (well age, plus deciding I could do a mini marathon, and too much stomping in my disc golf backhand...). I've done a nice chunk of PT and shoe swapping. During early recovery I was just using Hoka One Ones for disc...
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    [Discraft] Banger-GT for actual Putting

    Your experience seems to match mine. Very straight with a spin putt. The reason I stopped using them was I was trying to putt and drive with the same exact disc. And the jawbreaker bangers beat up too fast in the woods. That was mostly stupid on my part. I've now given in to carrying pure...
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    [Discraft] Official Discraft ZONE Thread

    Ah, thanks for the link. I've generally stopped buying Ledgestone discs new, but that's just personal preference about where my money goes. I probably would have broken that rule for a Z Flx Glo Zone (but ultimately didn't have to make that choice). I do admit Ledgestone has a fun thing going...
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    [Discraft] Official Discraft ZONE Thread

    I didn't even know they made glo jawbreaker zones. I keep musing about carrying jawbreaker as a straight driving putter, but they just aren't that plentiful around me.