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    [Wanted] ISO Lizotte Stamp PD2s

    In search of some Lizotte stamp PD2s. Always been my favorites.
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    [Wanted] ISO: XT VAviars

    PayPal preferred, very limited on trades. Let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!
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    Disc Golf Cart Pictures and ideas

    I felt the same way about using my cart at my home course. It didn't really improve anything just for one round. And that course is a lot of up and down small hills, over creeks, etc. That being said, I play quite a few tournaments, and I can see where having the cart would help then. Just being...
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    Disc Golf Cart Pictures and ideas

    I just got hold of a jogging stroller I am in the process of converting as well. I wanted to share this rig I came up with for an umbrella holder. I know there are other options available online, but this was fun to make. It's simply some 2" pvc with the bottom end capped off (drilled a drainage...
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    Cleaning a Bag

    I have the same Lat 64 bag in white as well. It doesn't take much to clean if you do it regularly. Just use mild soap and water like others stated. But honestly, I gave up keeping mine pristine. The lower part of the bag with always have dirt after using it. So I stick to cleaning it after a...
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    [Compare] Comparative Disc Chart

    Like everyone else has said, there are a lot of variables. The thing I remember is the Inbounds flight path presented is based on a specific amount of power and presumably perfect form. For example, the Teebird is shown at 347 feet with 0% turn and 40% fade. If you don't throw with the right...
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    Dri-Fit Polo?

    After a couple weeks with the Oakley polos, I can highly recommend them. Even in the humidity down here, the shirts dry well and remain comfortable thought the day. I would recommend trying on maybe one size larger than you think you wear. They are pretty narrow/straight cut and mine are a...
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    Dri-Fit Polo?

    I just picked up two Oakley dri-fit polos from Dicks (Elemental 2.0 Golf Polo I believe). They were on sale plus BOGO. Haven't had an opportunity to test them, but they are thin, lightweight, and advertise an spf rating 50+, similar to UA's Coldblack tech on their golf shirts. Should be...
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    Freak Incidents on the Course.

    The oddest thing I can remember occurred at the last hole of a local 9-hole pitch and put course. The hole pictured plays about 200 feet, with an ob parking lot on the left and the basket to the right of some trees with an ob fence just being the basket. Just for fun, I played a low forehand...
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    Latitude 64 Backpack ?

    I am finding that carrying a second water bottle in the top area of the E2 is not working for me. The weight rests heavily on top of the disc storage, making it a less easy to get discs in and out, and I had a putter in the flap pocket warp from the weight. Unfortunately, during the Louisiana...
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    Latitude 64 Backpack ?

    Okay. Ive had my E2 for about a month now. And I can say, without a doubt, it is worth every penny. Without overlapping the comments I've already made, I just wanted to say, the biggest difference over older bags, is the comfort level. Wether I'm playing a league round or a tournament, I find I...
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    [Question] What is your longest/ farthest flying disc as of March 2015?

    Mine is a gummy glo champion destroyer. Got two off Disc Golf Center a couple weeks ago to compliment my two jolly launcher champion destroyers.
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    Latitude 64 Backpack ?

    That's a sweet mod! Not sure if I can pull of the zipper. But I can certainly do the snap extensions.
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    Latitude 64 Backpack ?

    Does anyone else think the rainfly on the E2 is a bit tight? I'm sure during a round I wouldn't snap it down all around the bag. But during occasions I might want to secure it, it's almost impossible. I have to remove my water bottle just to stretch it to that last bottom corner snap.
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    [Wanted] Pair of glow champion thunderbirds

    Need two Glow Champion Thunderbirds. Max weight. Let me know what you got. PayPal ready.