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Recent content by JDeily

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    Pittsburgh, we need your vote!

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    Creepy courses to visit?

    Rotary park in huntington West Virginia is creepy, at least there are a lot of creeps around.
  4. JDeily

    2013 Discraft Ace Race

    Judging by your score Matt it sounds like it was precisely the disc for the distance.
  5. JDeily

    Losing another Disc Golf Store

    I ordered a bag, 3 gl discs, 3 opto, and an anode and saved about 75$. But it really is a shame to lose another retailer let alone one that does so much for their local scene.
  6. JDeily

    Noobie Question Thread (Dumb Questions answered here)

    No stickers make the disc illegal for tournament play
  7. JDeily

    What was the first course you ever played?

    Knob Hill Park, Warrendale (Pittsburgh), PA
  8. JDeily

    How to cope with the heat?

    Here's a second vote for the frog toggs "chilly pad"
  9. JDeily

    What mold do you have the most aces with?

    5 aces with beasts ( 1 old mold, 4 new mold) 1 with a hornet
  10. JDeily

    Post your most recent plastic purchase.

    GL river, zero line spike, tourney warship, and a GL fuse for a friend
  11. JDeily

    What holes 1-18 have you aced on a course?

    For me holes 2, 6, 10, 10, 17, 18
  12. JDeily

    Your Gamechanger Disc?

    Original mold champion beast hands down best disc ever.
  13. JDeily

    "UNOFFICAL" Disc Golf Lingo

    How about "going for d-pin" as in deep in the woods.
  14. JDeily

    Let's talk Deer Lakes

    Yes, a round at deer lakes when its warm and hasn't rained or snowed for 3 weeks.