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    Review by JohnAmber in course Peregrine Point

    4.00 star(s) Great! * Terrain changes, up and down * FANTASTIC views of the canyon and valley * Can be played at the pace you want, slowly or quickly * Players are generally courteous and polite and will let you play through if on your own or moving quickly. * Parking lot is tough on a car, but not...
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    Review by JohnAmber in course North Tahoe Regional Park

    4.00 star(s) Worth the Trip * Amazing views of the Tahoe area * Good variety of holes and elevation changes * Challenging but not frustrating * It can be VERY hard to find your disk. I recommend playing with another person and make a point to watch each others' throws. * Can be a bit hard to find your way...
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    Review by JohnAmber in course Sherwood Forest

    3.50 star(s) Good Quick Course This is certainly a short course, designed for kids as they say (though I rarely see any there). * Quick drive for most of north Chico * Usually no waiting past a minute or two per hole * Amazing course to work on medium shots and putts * Snakes like crazy in the summer. I...
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    Review by JohnAmber in course Oxford Circle Park

    1.00 star(s) Pointless It's a fantastic course to putt on, if you just need a little work. It's probably really cool to have by if you live in those dorms. You can't drive and can barely do medium putts. Parking is usually horrid during the school year and when it warms up, there are people all over the...
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    Review by JohnAmber in course Truckee River Regional Park

    3.00 star(s) Not bad This course has great views of the area and it is well worth bringing a small camera or binocs to take in the view. The course is pretty standard, with a few challenges and a few easy shots. As goes with the view, goes the ledges and drop offs. If the disc goes off one, don't even...
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    Review by JohnAmber in course Rocklin DGC

    4.00 star(s) Good all around course There is a lot good about this course. The big grassy field is nice to just bomb your way to the first tee. Though I usually skip the practice tee before the round, after you play the course a few times and realize you have wound your way around, it can make for a good #19...