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Recent content by Johnyfo8

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    The Inevitable 2024 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Gannon had an MVP basket and what looked like an old Innova stamped red disc on the ground in his IG story just now. trolling?
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    DFW disc golf

    11pm. But if you are playing and not messing with anything, the police won't ask you to leave.
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    DFW disc golf

    Saddle Hills in White Settlement is the only permanently lit up course with solar powered street lights in DFW. The whole course is lit up with 32 lights. If anyone is wanting some lit up glow rounds this winter or even next summer playing at night, when it isn't 110 degrees, head out to Saddle...
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    DDO 2023

    A birdie doesn't always have to be available and still be a par 3. Just like every par 3 isn't ace-able.
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    DFW disc golf

    The Southwest course is not meant to be played while a crowd is in the stands. That should have been obvious. All the structures on the campus are used as obstacles until we get some trees planted. All the basket placements are permanent. The other sports areas, when being used, have priority...
  6. J

    DFW disc golf

    I haven't put the Southwest H.S. course on any websites yet. It is in and playable. There is construction equipment and dirt mounds from a city project in the way of the original design, so we shortened a few holes and made it work to get the kids playing as soon as possible.
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    DGN: The Disc Golf Network

    It was cringe worthy and unprofessional how the draft played out. I agree that a simple 10 minute meeting before the live air would have cut out all the awkwardness and unprofessionalism appearance.
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    Iron Spike discussion

    It appears that there is another course going in next to the current one on Lake Nacadoges also.
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    7th annual Cambodia missions charity tournament

    This is a fun, non-sanctioned charity tournament and all the entry fees and extra donations go straight to support the Cambodia missionaries from Church at the Crossing in Aledo TX.
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    Saddle Hills DGC discussion

    you Tee pad for hole #5 is completely wrong. Please change it so players don't try and play the wrong way and think that it is correct.
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    Review by Johnyfo8 in course TX Whiskey Ranch

    4.50 star(s) 22 holes of disc golf joy Beautiful scenery, great course to really max out your distance. good mix of shots and very cart friendly not a permanent course so light duty baskets were use through most of the course for the 22kill charity event ultra exclusive course that is only played for the...
  12. Hole #22 Tee

    Hole #22 Tee

  13. Hole #19 Tee

    Hole #19 Tee

  14. Hole #17 Tee

    Hole #17 Tee

  15. Hole #20 Tee

    Hole #20 Tee