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Recent content by JonnyB

  1. JonnyB

    A Thief In Nashville - Alert for Stolen Property

    The guys at Cloud 9 are awesome and do a lot for the sport in our area. Buy a disc or two to help em out while they deal with this crap.
  2. JonnyB

    Who Will Win This Year's Worlds?

    I don't think MJ is playng this year.
  3. JonnyB

    The Ask MJ & Comet Love Thread

    MJ, I just saw you are signed up for the Music City Open next week. I am super stoked to get to see you play again, on my home courses.
  4. JonnyB

    Voodoo Spinal Tap Backpack is Here

    I can't see anthing different than before.
  5. JonnyB

    Voodoo Spinal Tap Backpack is Here

    I just got mine fixed for the shoulder strap coming loose at the top problem. It was a two week turn around but that was mostly shipping as I am in Tennessee. They shipped it back out the same day they recieved it. Seems solid since I got it back, only one round on it though. Hopefully they did...
  6. JonnyB

    Toughest course you have played

    I have to say Idlewild with an honorable mention to Sontag.
  7. JonnyB

    Voodoo Spinal Tap Backpack is Here

    I haven't gotten a message. What did they say?
  8. JonnyB

    [Innova] Special Run of CFR Champ Pigs (or Glo)

    I'd be down for 4 for sure.
  9. JonnyB

    White disc haters?

    Old School White Pigs are where its at!
  10. JonnyB

    Voodoo Spinal Tap Backpack is Here

    I can't wait to get one. Just can't decide- Blue or Purple??? Good thing I have some time.
  11. JonnyB

    [Innova] Pro Pig vs R-Pro Pig

    Thanks Thanks for the Marshall Street info...... got a few more for the stash.