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Recent content by JustinJ19

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    [Selling] SO MANY DISCS!!!

    RIP Disc Graboide...nm...is gone
  2. J

    [Innova] Halo Plastic Series

    ...there's new ones at every Tern I have not seen one in person yet, but 2 days ago I saw a Halo Tern for sale on Ebay. I generally don't care much for Terns,(too understable & too unpredictable). But I have a Hannah Leatherman swirly Star Tern and the additional stability that it has makes it...
  3. J

    [Other] Truly unique molds

    One-Of-A-Kind molds.... DGA • Blowfly Prodiscus • Jokeri Innova • Zephyr RIP Discs • Graboid UB Discs • Procul "Hand Candy"
  4. J

    Post a cool disc golf photo

    ...just my Starfire 171 PFN Champion Starfire