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    [Recommend] Disc Suggestion???

    If you want an understable putter, get a Swan. FTW.
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    [Discraft] Elite-X Wasp

    Have not thrown the x wasp, but have thrown the z wasp, seemed very close to a roc. Didn't I read here that the wasp was designed for Eric McCabe when he switched from Innova to Discraft?
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    [Legacy] 1st run Icon Gauge thoughts and reviews

    Got two from Lion. White 180 and pink 174. Can"t wait to throw them. Figure the lighter weight will be good for turnover shots.
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    [Putters] Driving putters.

    I throw kc pro aviars on some drives but will soon be switching to icon clozer. Play with confidence.
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    [Putters] What color is your putter?

    I have a white Kc pro aviar for drives and up shots. I putt with an orange Halloween stamp protégé clozer. Looking to get a clutch and a an icon clozer, to get the innova out of my bag. HELP.
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    [Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot

    Got a bunch of legacy from Lion. Bandit, patriot, pinn ghost, and two gauges.
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    [Selling] Legacy Lot

    The ghost and icon clozer left?
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    Pre-order your personalized DGCR Bag Tag XIII!

    Are there still some left?
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    DGCR Dri-fit Pre-orders!

    Let us know who has extras. Thanks
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    New DIY $25 Backpack Bag.

    Bags are half spice at the local Target. Had to dig to find one that wasn't pink. Score!
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    Pre-order your personalized DGCR Bag Tag XIII!

    Nuts! Missed it again. Someone message me when he reorders.
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    In the bag with the "Champ"

    That a Comp bag? Couldn't tell.
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    [Mids] Discraft "roc"

    I have a roc in dx plastic and like the way it flies. I also have a buzz in z plastic. I really like the z plastic. Is there a disk with the same flight characteristics as a roc the discraft makes in z plastic. Thanks. Knock
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    [Drivers] Help, the beast is flipping.

    That is what I want it to do. I only throw it when the hole is fairly open. I don't throw it at the more wooded courses.