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    Review by kutz167 in course Seacrest DGC

    1.50 star(s) Fun Little Neighborhood Pitch & Putt - New baskets with a red powder coat that really pops.- Good design that doesn't put the onsite splash pad in any danger. - Tree and bush placement makes sense for the course.- Some shot variety which shows good use of the available land. - All ace runs. -...
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    HOD 5/14/2015: Villas Crossing DGC Hole 6 in Tamaqua, PA

    Teebird low and fast so that it'll skip right up there.
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    H.o.D. 5/15/15 -- #8 @ Schrock Park -- Tuttle OK

    Thumber with a xXx.
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    HOD 5/8/2015: Rocky Mt. Sports Complex Hole 13 in Rocky Mount, NC

    Ibex or sole right at it unless it's windy. Then the amount of wind will dictate disc selection.
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    HOD 5/6/2015: Beaver Island State Park Hole 6 in Grand Island, NY

    Arch from red, O-Lace from the others.
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    HOD 4/29/2015: Mt. Baldy DGC Hole 9 in Mt. Baldy, CA

    Probably forehand an O-Lace then an Ibex for the upshot
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    HOD 4/30/2015: McClure Park Hole 9 in Tulsa, OK

    Likely a flat shot with a Teebird on a low trajectory. Playing for the skip off that hill to come to a rest under the basket.
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    HOD 4/23/2015: McCulloch DGC Hole 3 in Muncie, IN

    Probably an o-lace followed by a zone before finishing it out auth a ridge.
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    HOD 4/24/2015: Cadyville DGC Hole 10 in Plattsburgh, NY

    Sole from both. Maybe an Obex if it's windy
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    HOD 4/22/2015: Great Bend DGC Hole 10 in Great Bend, KS

    Probably thumber with a xXx.
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    HOD 4/17/2015: Wales Community Park Hole 1 in Wales, WI

    Thumber to make it more exciting.
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    HOD 4/14/2015: Shawnee Park Hole 15 in Plano, TX

    Ibex. Ridge for the deuce.
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    H.o.D. 4/11/15 - #6 @ Stevens Mountain View - Turner ME

    Probably an ibex. If it's windy, Teebird.