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    [Question] What is this disc worth (Part V)?

    First Run XT Whale
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    I might as well pile on Prodigy LOL A number of years back: Me to Prodigy Wholesale: I'm no longer carrying Prodigy in my store due to years of low sales and poor support. Prodigy Wholesale: That's fine, you're not good enough to carry Prodigy. You obviously aren't trying hard enough to promote...
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    I like charts, so here's our Nova sales since 2016. Sales of them got cut in half when McBeth left. We sold a whole 9 of them last year. I would have to dig deeper than I want to to find stuff that fell more. Dynamic as a whole looks like the Nova chart so I'm sure there's some DD molds that...
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Pre-covid my sales were fairly level with a little upward push each year Overall sales for us peaked in 2020. 2021 was just a few percent lower. 2022 a couple percent lower than '21 Even though a couple points down is hundreds of discs, I lean more towards calling it a plateau because it...
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    2022 was a crazy year. First time in 14 years that Innova was not my top seller. It definitely helps MVP/Axiom that I'm in Michigan, but the majority of my sales were online in 2022 due to tons of vacations. MVP/Axiom had the most discs available all year by a long shot, which turned in to...
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    The Inevitable 2023 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    From a retailer standpoint: I stopped ordering DM for my store a few months back. 40% of a retailer group that I'm part of did the same thing at some point in 2022. DM has accounted for less than 2% of my overall sales in the past 3 years.
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    [Innova] Champion XCaliber w/ Ghost Samurai Stamp (1st Run?)

    The samurai archer stamp was used for the 2008 JO. I would assume, though, that the stamp was used in other years also. Does it have the patent numbers on the bottom? I think those went away in 2010-11 era? Not a solid tell, but it could help. It does have WWW tooling, not sure when that...
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    Black Friday Mega Thread

    KWs Disc Golf will be doing 15% off most discs starting Friday morning 12am ET, through Monday evening. Free basic shipping as usual, which actually makes it a great deal :D
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    [Other] Latitude 64: The new Innova? (Westside/Kastaplast issues)

    Over the past 2 years, Kastaplast has been one of the most readily available companies, at least to our store. Far more (3X-10X) than Discraft, Lat64, Westside, and Discmania. I order hundreds per month, every month. I just got another order in that is waiting to be opened. I haven't had an...
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    Anyone find Discs Getting Expensive?

    Wholesale price for DX plastic went up 37.5% in the past 18 months. At 8.99, a store might not even break even depending on their calculated expenses per item to run the store. The wholesale cost of every disc made by every company went up at least 10% in the past 24 months. ESP plastic went up...
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    [Wanted] Opto-X Culverins

    I have 2 brand new clears. $25 box shipped each
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    Are We Still Laughing at Steve Dodge?

    Not the one with a first place payout of folded up cash in a sandwich ziplock or the Hooters score board girls right? :D ;)
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part V)

    Thought Space and Mint are completely separate companies. MVP just molds their discs for them. Other than that, there's no ties.
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    [Discmania] Official Ask Discmania Thread

    Our store did not purchase any to sell. I just typed up and deleted a giant list of reasons, full of analytics, but in the end, the short answer for our store is: average shelf life for DM signature discs (minus Cloudbreaker) is measured in months, and dealer cost for these was 65% higher than...