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Recent content by Len Averyt

  1. Len Averyt

    Review by Len Averyt in course Bethany Lakes DGC

    3.00 star(s) Didn't care for it at my skill level Very nice clean and neat course. To me, no other really unique character other than it being all water hazards. if your a right handed ,back hand player that hyser bombs from time to time, You will loose discs. It seemed that all the baskets were placed right...
  2. Len Averyt

    Review by Len Averyt in course Haslet Community Park

    3.50 star(s) Nice above basic course For me it's close and is always interesting enough to want to play again. Hole1 could make you hit a car if your a newbie and not ready for the wind. Lots of walkers, runners etc. Have to wait to throw. Took us almost 2 hours to play with just 2 people. Wind is almost...
  3. Len Averyt

    Review by Len Averyt in course DeBusk Park

    3.50 star(s) DeBusk Nice mix of open, woods and hills. Access is good and easy to get around on. Tees are not marked well. 1&2 can get mixed up. 6 looks like 3 cause 3 is kind of hidden. Porter, Pascal and debusk made a great day of disc golfing all in a short distance.
  4. Len Averyt

    Review by Len Averyt in course North Park

    4.00 star(s) Pleasently suprised Very nice course. shielded from the wind and sunlight for most of the course. The shade will make it nice in the hot summer. It is easy to shoot at the wrong basket in several spots as has been discussed before, but I played with someone that was familiar with the course...
  5. Len Averyt

    Looking for new bag

    This may sound kind of funny but I bought a 2 wheeled grocery cart thing from the local dollar store and use it to carry my disc bag and a little ice cooler. It was $25 and saves a lot of wear on my shoulder since just a little over a year ago I had surgery.
  6. Len Averyt

    Hello everyone. Newbee here

    Hello Everyone. Just got all my stuff up on DGCR here. Have been playing for a little over 1/2 a year or so, Not sure when I actually started. Its Curtis_Valks fault. My game is still rotten but I usually stay in the 75 range on 54 courses.
  7. Len Averyt

    Review by Len Averyt in course Willow Creek Park

    1.50 star(s) Played once, probably never again Too Simple of a course. Good basic beginner No real obstacles or hazards other than your disc flying into a backyard. Not easy to get across the stream running down the center Hole 6 or 7 was on the ground. LOL