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Recent content by Lunchmoney

  1. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] P-Line P2s and Lunas

    Don’t care what plastic for the Luna, but looking for P-line P2s. 7 or better on the sleepy scale. Thanks
  2. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] Just 4 Discs in Particular

    Looking for a used 175-180 Buzzz Looking for a 171-175 Star T-Bird Looking for a 171-175 Star Boss A pair of Discmania P2s Thanks Guys.
  3. Lunchmoney

    [Selling] D!SCS!!

    I’ll take the TL. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Lunchmoney

    [Help] Need Help on a New Disc Selection for Bag

    I actually just edited my post bc the Firebird is a MASSIVE part of my game and I completely forgot about it. WOW. Its nearly midnight here... thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I think all of my game could use improvement. But the 2 main aspects are better form and more knowledge of...
  5. Lunchmoney

    [Help] Need Help on a New Disc Selection for Bag

    Hi guys. I have been around here for a while, but haven't posted in probably 2 years. I am a 970-980 rated player with a good putting stroke, a good short game, and a noodle arm. I have quit and taken back up DG about 5-6 times in the last several years. Every time I pick it back up, I...
  6. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] Blizzard Plastic 155g and higher

    Looking for Blizzard plastics, 155g and higher. However, I am looking for stable blizzard plastic, so no road runners, sidewinders, mambas, etc.
  7. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] Thunderbirds

    Ive got a Grape colored Asia Open Thunderbird.
  8. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] Discmania

    I have S-Line DDX and a C-Line glitter stamp FD3. PM Me
  9. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] Looking for XT Nova 175, 170-172 Champ TH, & 176+ Buzzz

    Buzzz should be Ti or Z plastic. Preferably Ti. Paypal ready. Lets see what you got.
  10. Lunchmoney

    [FSOT] Soup's FSOT Thread

    Weight on the XT Nova?
  11. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] ISO: Proto/AO Thunderbirds, PFN *Destroyers, and others

    Looking for Proto or AO Ths. New or field tested only. Also looking for beat up PFN Destroyers, want em beat up bc I'm throwing em and don't wanna pay over 35-40. Looking for EMAC Truths, Fuzion, 7/10 or better 170-173g Lastly, Buzzz SS and OS, 176-180g Go!
  12. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] New Want! Eagle M. Glow MD3

    Looking specifically for the one with the rainbow holofoil/glitter/shatter/fireworks type stamp. Not sure which it is. You'll know it if u see it tho. $10 finders fee to anyone who finds me one and I buy.
  13. Lunchmoney

    [Sold] Grip EQ AX15 - grey

    Any more price drops?
  14. Lunchmoney

    [Wanted] Prototype MD3s

    They are white, have a rainbow glitter/fireworks-type stamp, and say Prototype. Pic attached. Anyone who has one I will buy it. Anyone who finds one for me to buy, but isn't personally selling it, I will send a $5 dollar finders fee through paypal. Thanks!