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Recent content by martinyoung

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    The Amateur Championships at Bowling Green

    FREE Prodigy Clinic with the Pros Will Schusterick (Lovers Lane) Driving Clinic Ragna Bygde (Kereiakes) Womens Only Clinic Come and learn from the best! April 11, Friday 10:30 am First 100 women who attend receive a free Prodigy Disc
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    What made/will make you step up a division?

    you should know its time to move up when you cash in a division and know you played below your ability...Except for the Open Division..(and maybe a few of the age divisions)...Cashing as an AM you better deserve it and have played at or above your expectations
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    Higher Ratings in PDGA Sanctioned Leagues

    Ive been coordinating leagues in Louisville, KY and Edwardsville, IN for the past 20+ weeks, the ratings are lower, generally that -25 ratings points .....I had lunch with Chuck awhile back and we discussed the ratings drop it makes sense...my players understand...local players on a local...
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    biggest ace races of 2012

    who has attended the largest ace race of 2012? how many? any great additional prizes or anything in the mix? Seviern Lang is hosting its first Ace Race in Edwardsville, IN on Sept 29 110 players signed up....waiting list is growing Free Lunch, tons of raffle prizes, and more Looking for...
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    Review by martinyoung in course Seviren Lang DGC

    4.50 star(s) Seviren is a beauty just across the river from Louisville Seviren Lang is a product of multiple revisions, tinkering, and love. The New Albany/Floyd County parks department has done a fantastic job helping with upkeep around the park and every week when the course gets mowed it rivals the best...
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    Review by martinyoung in course Dubois County Park DGC

    3.00 star(s) Brand New I played this course just a few days after it opened. The front four holes that play around the pond are beautiful. 1. small turnover/flick shot towards the water and under the Space Tree (this tree germinated in outer space, thats cool) 2. and 3. are both big bombs with the water on...
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    Chuckdisc09 The New Cubby?

    Dave loves to tell this story.
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    Making the move from Advanced to Pro?

    Playing in the Open Division does not make one a Pro. The PDGA has established the parameters of what being a "Pro" is - it is simply taking $$ over prizes. Playing in the Open Division is available for everyone. I recommend playing Open whenever you are at a local non-sanctioned, C, and...
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    [Innova] Alternative for Super Beat Roc

    get a used one and beat it up to get what you want - you mentioned it took you 5 years to reach the beatness you desired - thats ridiculous, 5 years! - i can't even count how many rocs i have gone through in 5 years - its one thing to use a roc for 5 years or more - but to take 5 years to beat...
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    Review by martinyoung in course Pulaski County Park (Top)

    3.50 star(s) Beautiful location - sitting atop the hill above the lower course - overlooking a finger of Lake Cumberland Fun - technical - tree threading holes Since the course plays atop the hill - if you find yourself hitting trees or missing your lines - its quite possible your disc will end up hundreds...
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    Review by martinyoung in course Pulaski County Park (Bottom)

    3.50 star(s) Fun and Challenging - Par 3 golf layout Technical shots that play up, down and across a ravine. Park Setting - but you are in the woods, would love to play here during the other seasons of the year. Lots of shots that play from the open into the woods - from the woods to the open Some...
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    Speed Frolf

    buddy and I used to play this last year - add your score + the minutes it takes to traverse the course - great excercise - and it teaches you patience on the pad and putting even while you are out of breath gives you a a solid goal to beat - we played it on a tough par 58 course - usually in...
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    [Innova] Condor Love!

    Here in Louisville the Condor was re-released as a fundraiser disc being sold for the US Masters. I believe there are only a few left - check out www.derbycitydisc.com Condors are just rocs with more glide - great get out of trouble disc - great for rollers - great disc to learn to throw if...
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    On the road... Best DG shops in USA?

    Derby City Discs in Louisville, KY - Celebrating there 1 year anniversary now or very soon
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    Condor to the nose

    ive been hit with a condor across the bridge of my nose - ouch ive also clocked my dog across the head with one just moments after releasing the throw - i think she said ouch too