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Recent content by Mbagnola1

  1. Mbagnola1

    Lemon Lake Park course condition Spring 2015

    You can always give the flymart a call. Jay is there everyday
  2. Mbagnola1

    Your Get Out of Jail Free disc

    Firebird all day. I use them off the tee and out of the sh*t. i always know exactly what this disc is going to do. Hasn't let me down in years.
  3. Mbagnola1

    H.O.D 1/17/15 -- #12 @ Golden Gate Park DGC -- San Francisco CA

    If I remember correctly, the pin is on the side of the hill. RHBH hyzer route A & B - Firebird C - Teebird envy up
  4. Mbagnola1

    Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread

    Santa!!!!!!!!!!! I was a good boy this year so Santa was nice to me The discs: 176 Wood PnA 173 AJ Teebird 168 Axiom Inspire( 2014 Xmas stamp) 172 Legacy Ghost 160 Axiom Envy( sweet stamp) The goods: Infinite Discs bag w/ backpack straps Infinite Discs stool Infinite Discs towel DD coozie 3...
  5. Mbagnola1

    Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread

    Santa!!!!! My first package has arrived and I couldn't be more thankful In the box: Yeti avair(tournament stamp) Team stamp Buzzz Star Teebird $ Wizard Coozie Jones soda patch Strawberry granola bar I'm so happy with these discs. Can't wait to get out and throw them
  6. Mbagnola1

    HOD 12/18/14: Deer Lakes Park Hole 3 in Tarentum, PA

    Im following the the advice and throwing 3 or 4 Buzzz shots
  7. Mbagnola1

    Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread

    Just waiting on some goodies to arrive before my packages go out. Both of my packages are going to towns with a population of less than 9000.
  8. Mbagnola1

    Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread

    Ooooh, oooh I want a proxy too
  9. Mbagnola1

    Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread

    I've decided to ditch my faster stuff for this coming season. Help me build my bag!! My bag at the moment is in my signature. Likes: Star Plastic Z-Plastic Putters Custom dyes Anything Chicago Bears/Bulls/Hawks Wants: Axiom Proto putter AJ Teebird 10 Yr Buzz Disc golf swag( Coozies, Stickers...
  10. Mbagnola1

    HOD 12/2/14: Golden Gate Park DGC Hole 16 in San Francisco, CA

    I played here in 2010, don't really remember this hole. I'd probably throw a buzz at it. Hornet if the pin is father left
  11. Mbagnola1

    H.O.D 12/1/14 - #6 @ Two Rivers Park - Nashville TN

    First Picture - Standstill Tursas Second Picture - Star TL
  12. Mbagnola1

    [Putters] How many putter molds do you carry?

    I only carry 2 putter molds at the moment but 4 putters in total 166 N Envy x2 - Main putter, Tailwind drives, Anny drives 175 Soft N Envy - Jump Putts, Windy days, approach, get out of trouble 175 N Envy - Main driving putter, Forhand rollers, Overhands 175 3x Yeti - Doesn't get too much use...
  13. Mbagnola1

    H.O.D. Thanksgiving Eve - #7 @ Honey Bear Hollow Campgrounds - Peru IN

    Playing it slow on this one. Soft Envy all the way