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    Upper Park Designs Backpack Bags

    As a lover of blue and having had 3 Upper park bags, I am underwhelmed. Mostly by the colors. The blue bag has a muted color which is fine but then is accompanied by orange/burnt zipper pulls?! Why?! Isn’t there enough orange on the orange/red bag? Why is the blue bag the only bag that is two...
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    Time to get serious

    Wow. This was a stroll down memory lane. My game has changed so much since then and I loved to laugh looking back at this. My bag looks more like the following now (for my record of course): Bag: UPD Slight Shift (still going strong) as well as Guru Yme when I need to be extra or a UPD Focus...
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    HOD 6/7/18 - Rosewood-Dekalb in Redan (Dekalb County), GA - #1

    A. High speed skip right. So rhfh outlaw. B and C. Patriot
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    DGA Mach Shift

    Anyone able to compare this to a marksman/mvps version? Is it more sturdy?
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    DGS - Vibram Open Recap

    Didn't get a chance to get caught up on all the coverage from the recent Disc Golf Pro Tour stop at the Vibram Open? Check out our recap of this past weekends down to the wire, and wet, finish! F5vaqMHuzmo Like. Comment. Subscribe. Head on over to DGS Productions facebook page for all your...
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    McBeth, Unmarked grip bag?

    Interesting... either the responsorship is back in the works and the contract isn't final or Grip is using it as free publicity... doesn't really seem like a McBeth move though to give them that. Interesting that the year he started saying he is going only innova he retracted to brong back the...
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    McBeth, Unmarked grip bag?

    Anyone have the scoop on why McBeth has recently switched from the Innova Superhero Backpack to an unmarked grip back for the past couple of tournaments? I assume it has to do with comfort, but interesting still the same.
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    HOD 8/23/2017: Parmelee Park Hole 6 in Lambertville, MI

    FH Roller GM Rival for funsies
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    HOD 8/29/2017: Indian Creek DGC Hole 4 in Huntsville, AL

    trespass or outlaw on the hyzer line for both