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    [Trade] Pearly Pro Line, Bar Stamp, Candy Pro and a Rhyno for McPros

    How much would you want for that rhyno? Pm me. Thanks.
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    [Selling] Something for everyone

    Your msg box is full. Any way you can get a weight on the black 86 softie and pm me. Thanks.
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    Still have that yellow champ thunderbird $11?
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    [FSOT] Soup's FSOT Thread

    Pm bump.
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    [Selling] Good stuff in here!

    Q? Pm bump
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    [Discmania] Official Ask Discmania Thread

    what's this worth, anyone know? Got this a few years ago. I'm thinking it was when they first started coming out. Any one know what they are worth? 172g 10/10 DD2. Thanks
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    [Innova] Thunderbird

    Gstar Thunderbirds are turnover discs, if compared to the stoutness of the jolly launchers and swirly star ones. I'm currently bagging three Thunderbirds now. Gstars are the Flippiest and i turn them over...get a star or a jl. If you don't throw fast or hard, please ignore. This comment wasn't...
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    [Question] What is this disc worth (Part IV)?

    what's this worth, anyone know? Bought this a long time ago when the local store first started getting discmania stuff. 172 DD2 10/10. Thanks. Also, if its old and there had been a stamp change, what's the difference?