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    Indianapolis area, 7/13-15

    Thanks for the replies! Probably play the Indy courses early Friday morning as I'll be heading home early Friday evening. Gonna drive to Peru area for those courses Wed morning and then to Idlewild on Thurs morning.
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    Idlewild, 7/14

    Driving to Idlewild from Indy on Thursday, 7/14 and I was looking for someone to show me around the course if at all possible. Like to get started early in the day, probably arrive at the course 8am or so. Hit me up on here or text at 414-254-7388, thanks, Terry
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    Indianapolis area, 7/13-15

    Gonna be in Indianapolis July 13-15 and was wondering where I should go to throw during that time. I'm staying in downtown Indy and will be able to drive anywhere within reason. Please post some suggestions on here or PM me if you'd be interested in meeting up for a round or two. Thanks a bunch!
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    [FSOT] Carolina Bag.

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    [FSOT] Carolina Bag.

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    At what mph does wind really become annoying?

    Thar she blows!! I found steady 15-25mph with gusts of 45mph to be pretty annoying today.
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    how many discs are in your bag?

    18 total occupying fade tourney bag 1) dx aviar 1) blowfly 2) r-pro pig 1) flx buzzz 2) z buzzz 1) gl river 1) champ leopard 1) z stalker 2) millenium sirius orion LS 1) champ valkyrie 1) star valkyrie 2) star teebird 1) pro wraith 1) star wraith
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    The Fire

    .....stupid Garth Brooks song:wall:
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    How do you stay cool?

    I pant like a dog
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    Hole of the Day: 8/28/2010

    Millenium, Orion LS to manage the distance then R-Pro Pig to hole out.
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    The Other Hole of the Day - 08/26/10

    2nd the Leopard! Provided my aim was true, a RHBH throw of my Champion Leopard with a little mustard on it, should get me close enough for a reasonable putt for the deuce.........again, provided my aim was true.
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    [Recommend] Massive thread containing every possible 3-disc combination for your review

    175g Champion Leopard 178g Z Buzzz 175g R-Pro Pig
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    Check out my new disc!

    That thing gives a whole new meaning to the term "smashing the chains".
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    not how you drive, its how you arrive

    2nd shot? It's all about the NEXT shot, whether it's a drive, approach or a putt!:D
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    Lost Disc Mega Thread: Post your lost disc questions and stories here.

    This past week's trip to Highbridge cost me a green, first run, Z Stalker on hole ten of Blueberry Hill and a almost new Millenium, Orion LS in Sirius plastic on hole three of Granite Ridge.:sick: Both had name and number on the back, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Aside from the...