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Recent content by pauldst

  1. pauldst

    Disc Golf in the News

    Police: Man shot while playing in Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge
  2. pauldst

    HOD 1/21/2022: Elk Creek DGC Hole #17 Appomattox, VA

    :eek: Blowfly II or Mako
  3. pauldst

    HOD 1/22/2022: Pine Valley Golf Course Hole #9 Sherwood, AR

    RHBH unLace with a bit of anhyzer to make sure it holds the turn and fades less.
  4. pauldst

    HOD 8/14/2021: Veteran's Park - Original Hole #2 Tupelo, MS

    rhbh Blowfly II, or maybe rhfh N Crave if I decide to chance bad ricochets
  5. pauldst

    [Question] Weirdest disc bagged by a pro?

    The Dart is weird? Me, too! I usually carry three putters: an R-Pro Dart, a Blowfly II, and a Gumbputt. Gumbputt took the place of the Blowfly mostly because of the brighter colors. Blowfly II is my normal go to. Occasionally I'll carry a Star Dart or a Polecat. If those are weird, then that's...
  6. pauldst

    HOD 8/13/2021: Larned Community Center Hole #4 Larned, KS

    Star Roadrunner BH roller, trying to ramp it up the rock pile and into the basket. :p :D
  7. pauldst

    Disk Weight

    I throw a lot of lighter weight discs (148g to 165g) because I can get them farther and my arm feels less worn after a round. (I have also had a few injuries.) I trade out for higher/full weight discs when it is windy. I have some even lighter discs put away to use at high altitude, along with...
  8. pauldst

    Parked: Let's Settle the Debate Once and for All

    Gonna have to take this in reverse order. "Wow, I parked it!" said no one ever about anywhere a disc landed that wasn't near the basket. Referring to where a disc lands is generally done with variants of "land", "sit", "fell", "lie", etc. Given the usage, "park" or "parked", when referring to a...