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Recent content by pgngrl

  1. pgngrl

    Disc Golf Apparel Options

    We can do wool but since it gets to be a tad on the pricey side we do not stock wool. PM me and we can figure something out... Steve is working on the site and it's comining along. Hosted at Godaddy and is just enough for what we require. BigCartel did not allow for multiple drop downs for two...
  2. pgngrl

    Disc Golf Apparel Options

    www.knitknacked.com Let's try this again. Thanks for pointing it out Links to FB but site should be up real soon to order. For now it's a message me and we will work it out.
  3. pgngrl

    [Selling] BIG mark downs on some quality plastic

    Not a huge deal but isn't the post for PM a sort of dibs?
  4. pgngrl

    pdga disciplinary report

    Asked my BF, yes it is...
  5. pgngrl

    Gorilla Boy Disc Sports

    Thanks, I found it after diggin through the Google and here a bit. Think I am going to hold out for the Purple or the digi Sq/Monk
  6. pgngrl

    Gorilla Boy Disc Sports

    I did not see a picture - WHAT IS CAMO 483?
  7. pgngrl

    What did Santa bring you this year - 2012!?

    He got me a new stool....I also would like to thank DD. Awesome job!
  8. pgngrl

    DG Basket Winter Hat - hand-knit feeler

    I have really enjoyed reading all of the posts. There has been a little more action here then I had planned. I am putting my very first hat up in a few minutes. I have a few other items to complete before I can commit to anything new. I will post a different thread late next week. At that time...
  9. pgngrl

    DG Basket Winter Hat - hand-knit feeler

    Thank you for asking. I am using a soft blend of lamb's wool and acrylic,which is machine washable and dryable. The blend is 20% lamb's wool, 80% acrylic. If the wool is a concern, I can use 100% acrylic (also machine washable and dryable). Please let me know if you have any questions.