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Recent content by PhillyMatt

  1. PhillyMatt

    [Selling] KC Pro Gazelle - 170g - Make an Offer

    $20. she has some life left
  2. PhillyMatt


  3. PhillyMatt

    [Innova] New Innova Stuff

    Loving the 2021 ricky pig and the 2017 stamped sexton xcal, both kicked other discs out of my bag this week.
  4. PhillyMatt

    You can only carry 3 discs a driver,mid,and a putter. What do you choose?

    These days it would be Starfire Warship Pig
  5. PhillyMatt

    [FSOT] Trilogy Plastic!

    PM'd on swan
  6. PhillyMatt

    Jomez Pro speed and distance.

    They do great work
  7. PhillyMatt

    [Westside] Westside box is out

    That sucks. Me and a friend got ours yesterday, which is pretty late compared to some others. But tracking updated more than yours
  8. PhillyMatt

    [Sold] 2021 Ricky Pro Pig

    Looking for a new 2021 ricky pig. Have warpigs to trade, or $$$ of course. Thank you EDIT: GOt it
  9. PhillyMatt

    Technique Videos - what's your favorite

    great...great throw..
  10. PhillyMatt

    [Wanted] Various Westside discs

    ISO - Lightweight warships (under 170g) Lightweight longbowman (171 or below) Fortress - any Pines - any (already own 2 , like a more stable warship, love this disc) "Any" condition but prefer used. Having a lot of trouble finding a longbowman to try out, i really think it would fit well in my...
  11. PhillyMatt

    Technique Videos - what's your favorite

    Looking for a good series of you tube videos to work on my form - in all areas. I've never watched a disc golf video to learn technique, so was wondering which ones were out there that people already watch and enjoy. Thanks in advance
  12. PhillyMatt

    [Sold] Pearly PFN Shark

    For sale Innova Shark PFN, very pearly, Multi Purpose Salmon disc with faded rainbow stamp tiny inner rim ink only 178.2g I paid $35 for this disc less than 2 weeks ago, asking $32 shipped OBO. Would possibly trade for: 11x gazelles (any condition)