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    [Innova] Leopard Lust...!

    Ordered a factory second color glow Leopard 3. Have to say I was expecting either blue or pink. I guess it’s a factory second color glow because they forgot the color? Had I known I was going to get a white “color” glow I would have passed.
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    [MVP] Glitch 1 7 0 0 The Gyro P/A & Catch Lid

    It also makes a fun catch disc. There’s a little course near my house with no practice basket. When my wife and I want to warm up a little before a round we’ll just play catch with the Glitch.
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    [Recommend] Approach/Overstable mid recommendation

    I have a K3 and a K1 glow. Side by side they almost look like different discs with the K3 being very flat and the K1 being domey. My K3 seems more overstable (is that a thing?) but maybe it’s just that it lacks glide. The K1 flies more like a Verdict or maybe a slower Teebird where the K3 did...
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    [Recommend] Approach/Overstable mid recommendation

    I don’t typically bag an overstable mid but my preference is for the Axiom Pyro with the Legacy Recluse getting an honorable mention.
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    [Discmania] Official P1 lovefest thread

    I recently switched back to beadless putters for putting duties and wanted something a little straighter than the P2’s I used to bag. Tried out one of the newer P1s and it was excellent but it ended up losing out to the EV-7 Phi. It was a close battle though and I could easily have gone with the...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    I’m not 100% sure but I think Mike opened my eyes to not only the Envy but to throwing putters in general. Back when I was still new to the game I watched a YouTube video of him crushing on an Envy. At that point I was still learning and had no idea throwing a putter off the tee was a viable...
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    [Other] Post your most recent plastic purchase-Reboot

    Does someone have them in stock right now?
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    [Discraft] Discraft Z Venom

    They could have called it the Bailiff and stole Dynamic’s thunder.
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    [Mids] 2023 “workhorse” midrange?

    The understable hyzer is a beautiful and useful play and admittedly one that I struggle with. I have a flippy mid and tried the shot during a practice round and thought I had it steep enough but it still stood up and drifted right on me. I know guys like Eagle and Simon are pretty good at the...
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    [Mids] Pathfinder vs Hex

    My wife has a Hex which I’ve thrown a bit. I currently bag a Pathfinder. Side by side they look like the same disc to me. The flight seems pretty much the same as well but it’s been a while since I’ve thrown her Hex. My Pathfinder is ethos plastic and I’d give it numbers of 5/5/-1/1. It’s a very...
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    [Other] Lone Star Discs

    Picked up a glow Armadillo on a whim. Didn’t think it had a chance to make the bag but just wanted to try a new piece of plastic. After tossing it in the backyard a bit and then playing a round with it today I think it’s staying in the bag. I’ve dabbled with the Berg before but it just...
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    [Axiom] Axiom Envy

    I’m going to politely disagree with this as my experience has been the opposite. The softer electron seems to flex enough that it kind of absorbs the impact where the firm ones beat in rather quickly. As far as the question about flight differences between the electrons, I would say they...
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    [Innova] The mythical Innova ROC

    All of these recent posts are making me want to stick some Rocs back in my bag.
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    [Mids] 2023 “workhorse” midrange?

    The recent run of metal flake champs are generally pretty flat. I’ve handled a bunch of them in person and I would say domey ones are an exception.
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    [Innova] 2023 Innova Tour Series Thread

    Curious what the Gurthie halo Wraiths are like compared to previous runs.