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    Your first disc golf course...

    William Cameron Park(West, not bEast) in Waco, TX. It was 2005, and some newly acquired friends during my Freshman year of college took me with them to play. We all live around Austin now and still manage to get a round in every now and then. The courses are much busier now.
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    Review by rbsold in course Roy G. Guerrero DGC

    5.00 star(s) My Personal Fav in the City -This is a wooded course done right, It's not overly wooded, but just enough for the holes to have very defined lines(some holes have multiple lines). -Each hole is outfitted with Long, brick lined, concrete Teepads. You cant find better pads anywhere. Most holes...
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    Review by rbsold in course MetCenter DGC

    4.50 star(s) Just another great course in Austin! You have 2 sets of concrete tee pads on every hole, and the Pro pads definitely add a lot of challenge and creativity to the course. There are tee signs at every pad, and each hole are equipped with good permanent baskets. Lot of variety in shots, some of...
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    Review by rbsold in course Spring Valley DGC

    3.50 star(s) Great, well organized course! Pretty fun short course, Only got to play the finesse 18 though. Great tee boxes. Very good mix of holes, elevation, distance and very wooded. I carry around 15 discs, and I used pretty much every single one. Also, can't stress enough how great having an on site pro...
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    [Discraft] The Undertaker??

    This could work, but the Rim and bigger diameter of the Sting feels so much better for turnovers. The reason I keep a seasoned X Undertaker is for straight shots at 65-75% power, I can apply a lot of finesse. Hyzerflips are a breeze too with it for my Less than Average-Average Speed Arm.
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    [Discraft] The Undertaker??

    Straight flyer, my esp’s are straight as well, but my x is a little better for hyper flips and straight shots at 60-70% power after a little wear.
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    Review by rbsold in course McDade Park

    4.50 star(s) Bigger and Better This course has something for everyone, I love to have a course nearby with Par 4's. Also, you will find Hole 3(Old 18) is still probably the most demanding Par 3 I've ever played(only 29 courses played) and holes 14 and 15 are also very challenging as Par 3's. This course...
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    Best/Worst smelling holes you've played

    I can vouch for this one, it's all true.
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    [Discraft] Raptor = (Innova disc)?

    My ESP definitely feels like like my old Flat Star FB's. But flies way straighter, with very dependable fade. I'm really enjoying first run Z's. They remind me of the 1st Sexton FB's I had(I think 2015). Maybe a touch straighter.
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    [Question] If you could only use 5 discs for a round

    P- P2 Glo Z Buzzz ESP Undertaker 15 Sexton Firebird(1st run Z Raptor about to replace it) Pro Wraith
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    [Discraft] Discraft Surge

    Thank you! I'm going to have to try one.
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    [Discraft] Discraft Surge

    If the surge does go oop, how does punisher compare to Kong. I have some lighter Kongs, and I like them, but I'm looking for something just tick more understable to pair with it.
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    [Discraft] Crafting Low Scores - Everything Discraft!

    I decided not to wait, and pulled the trigger on a pair. I'm hoping Saturday, they're in my hands.
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    [Discraft] Crafting Low Scores - Everything Discraft!

    Has anyone thrown the Ledgestone swirly Surges yet? I'm curious.
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    [Recommend] X2 discraft undertaker plastic suggestions

    I have a CryZtal Undertaker I believe that is from the 2018 Ledgestone. Love the disc, but is a lot flippier than I thought it would be. I don't have a big arm either, Max being 350-360 or so with DDX/Crank. Something about that CryZtal Undertaker though is amazing for straight forehands with...