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    [Vs.] Magic vs. Swan

    Flight wise, Magics and Swans are close with a Magic more of a floating slow to get there disc and the Swan a little more direct. I did a comparison of a Magic and Pure. The Magic was as described above and the Pure was a direct laser beam to the basket. Put the Swan right in the middle of...

    2013 Discraft Ace Race

    I've been very good at predicting the type of disc the last couple of years so here's my guess. Take it for what it's worth (very little) since I've never played an Ace Race. Shallow rim putter slightly stable. Think mini Buzzz in Z and ESP. Not really a clone of the Pure, but something that...


    I wouldn't even want to be outside in Naples for any length of time this time of the year. Lived there for 6 months. I'm definitly not a Florida type of person.

    The most important part of TEE SIGNS

    So color ball corresponds with which tee you are on and the color distances are from that tee to the color corresponding basket? Three tees and tree baskets = 9 potential "courses" assuming you stay with a consistant color combination.

    [Latitude] Lat 64 Pure

    Opto Pure on an approach shot about 150' or so is a standstill flat backhand. Laser shot to the basket with minimin fade if any (usually thrown low enough that it hits under the basket before it has a chance to fade). From the tee I'd probably need a little hyzer angle or air to make it out...

    The most important part of TEE SIGNS

    I like the design. The only comment I have is the colors. They seem very muted. If these signs will be in the sun the colors will fade over time. Starting with a muted palette will just make it harder to see years to come.

    [MVP] MVP Vector Midrange

    I must have one screwed up Vector because the 2 throws I threw it to try it out in the field were incredible meathooks. I mean leaving my hand and turning 90 degrees landing 100 ft out. Made my Drone go "Da'yam!" After those to throws, threw it in my overstock pile and never looked at it...

    [Other] Getting real sick of you "stuff" disc!

    Anybody have a disc that they are getting real sick of the stupid stuff it's starting to do? I have a Blowfly that I picked up years ago specificially for Hole 18 at Devens. I swear, ever since this winter this disc has rolled on me on every throw I've used it, at multiple courses. How does a...

    Beating a dead Vibram horse.

    With the capabilities Vibram has and the passion Steve Dodge posseses, I'm still waiting with baited breath for them to come out with a backpack bag. Flack type design (large pocket up top, putter pockets on side) Vibram rubber on bottom Hydration pouch like many of the 5.11/Maxpidition...

    [Innova] Skeeter vs Mako

    FYI, from what I've read a DX and a Star Skeeter are almost like two different discs. I used to have a DX that was great for upshots and actually good for putting but off the tee it turned and burned. The Star appears to be much more stable and a better off the Tee mid but I'll let others...

    HOD 06/10/13: Thorpe Park in Flagstaff, AZ

    From the tee it looks like there is some sort of fairway starting from the road a little to the right, almost like the tee was put 30' to the left accidentially. I think I'd just throw a Drone at a bout a 1 o'clock position from the tee, hope I scoot between the trees and fade back into the...

    [Discraft] Drone lovers

    I have a Kansas City Z in the bag in a '08 FLX as a backup. I noticed the Z going straighter longer lately. Not sure if better spin or finally beating it into submission. Actually stinks though because when you need to go around trees like I do (I play really really bad in a lot of woods)...

    Myrtle beach 6/21-6/27

    Russ, nice to see you again. I just checked the map as my annual MB vacation is upcoming and it looks like not much has changed since last year except Socastee seems to have improved. The past few years (all the years I've been actually) I've just kept the bag at home since nothing seemed...

    [Vs.] Ion vs Pure

    I think I only saw one person mention it in passing, but the Ion has a bead. I don't like beads so it wasn't for me. Went to a Opto Pure for straight line laser approach shots and it's money every time. Putt with a Swan 1 though. Almost exactly the shape of a Pure (feels exact in the hand)...

    The most important part of TEE SIGNS

    The left looks busy. Move the sponsors to the bottom and move the distances to the middle of the column. I personally like basket images instead of dots, but that is really just my personal view. I would be happy coming to a course and seeing those signs.