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    Why ratings are stupid to worry about

    Normally when someone makes a break through in the science/math community they publish their findings for others to scrutinize. IIRC, the formula to calculate PDGA ratings is a well kept secret. Jeverett and some others spent lots of time essentially "redesigning the wheel" to get us DGCR ratings.
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    [Discmania] Official Ask Discmania Thread

    I've seen a lot of black KC Aviars and Rocs being released from Disc Golf Values, any chance that some black P-line P2's will be distributed soon?
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    Feldberg on McFlysoHigh

    I've watched KG play for the T-Wolves throughout my childhood. The occasional curse word during coverage was great.
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    [Wanted] Outlaws

    I saw those a couple hours ago and all the colors I'm looking for were gone.
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    [Wanted] Outlaws

    Still looking, haven't seen many available online yet.
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    [Wanted] Outlaws

    I'm looking for a couple Outlaws in the following colors: White, Yellow, Orange and Black. Not interested in max weights and definitely not interested in scalper prices, Thanks.
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    HOD 9/5/14 - Hidden Lake, St. Augusta, MN

    Awesome, my favorite hole in town. This can be one of the windier parts of the course, usually a Destroyer or Rampage off the longs.
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    [Question] Are there other discs like the meteor?

    I think the OP should try the Glide... that is if he ever reads this. :\
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    [Wanted] Discs that I like

    This is an ongoing wants list to use for reference, but if you have anything on the list or similar don’t hesitate to send me a message. Below are discs that I have the most interest in. I’ll update periodically as I acquire discs and new wants: Discmania P2 (Black P-line) PD (Pat #'s C or...
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    [Legacy] For the love of LEGACY

    Check out Ebay, I know Marin Disc Sports denotes whether or not plastic is gummy in the title of their listings.
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    Eric McCabe 2014 In The Bag

    I'm hopeful McCabe posts on here more frequently, maybe a Q&A thread.
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    Eric McCabe 2014 In The Bag

    Emac, why aren't you verified?
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    2014 Am Worlds...Minneapolis

    Mike Snelson of Fairway Flyers. A couple other guys from the St. Cloud area and myself stopped in to use some funny money shortly before AM Worlds. For the hour we were in there we heard Mike spew many negative things about the MFA and it's officials, PDGA, and Disc golfers in general. I...