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Recent content by schroof21

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    Fort Myers Beach

    I'll be staying on Estero Island. Is Bay Oaks DGC even worth a visit if I'm blocks away? I definitely plan on playing Estero DGC; anything I should know? I'm from Wisconsin, and never visited Florida except as a kid once. Non-disc golf question: Is there any good time to play like pickup...
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    Review by schroof21 in course Shu Pond DGC

    4.00 star(s) Well Varied 9 Hole - Excellent variation of hole types. - Very scenic/tranquil and off the beaten path. - Signage on most or all holes, and signage is rustic looking which fits the course. - Trash buckets appropriately spaced throughout the course at the tees. - Water in play, but not too much...
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    Atlanta in October

    I played Perkerson in the morning on a weekday while in the area and it was an awesome course. I was leery of the neighborhood and leaving a rented car in the parking lot, but it was a February morning, 20 degrees with 20 mph winds - aka that weather for a Georgian means like no one is out and...
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    Las Vegas/Henderson - 9/23-9/30

    I played the Ski Resort as late as August 30th a couple years ago when I was vacationing in Vegas. Temps were right around 70, but I believe that was a slightly unseasonable day. I emailed the Resort a couple weeks before going to ensure they would be open as it's an hour drive from The Strip...
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    Oggwood DGC

    Thanks for the replies! I played it earlier this week and absolutely loved it. I was fortunate enough to arrive about the exact same time two guys from Alabama did. We threw the course together and met the people at the house; everyone was awesome.
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    Oggwood DGC

    I plan on playing this course next week when in the area for business (and I'm pretty stoked!). I see it's private, is it just a walk right on course, or should I contact someone there before hand? I'll probably play one round, by myself, in the afternoon. Can I assume the course is never overly...
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    Review by schroof21 in course Jacksonport Disc Golf

    3.50 star(s) Welcome to Jacksonport Fairly tranquil setting, nestled behind the fire station and baseball diamond. Two tees per hole with very different lengths. Temporary tee signs are painted on large rocks, indicate hole number and distance. Baskets are not damaged and are installed properly. I...
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    18 Hole Courses in Iceland

    Unfortunately I won't be able to provide any firsthand reviews since I'm just doing some research for my sister who's heading there and intending to hit up a couple of courses.
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    18 Hole Courses in Iceland

    Does anyone have any reviews for 18 hole courses in Iceland? Opinions of the best courses here (you can't really just look at the reviews on DGCR since so many courses have no reviews).
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    General age, location, and occupation of players?

    30 Mechanical Engineer Southeast WI
  11. Hole #5 Tee Sign

    Hole #5 Tee Sign

  12. Hole #6 Tee Sign

    Hole #6 Tee Sign

  13. Hole #2 Tee Sign

    Hole #2 Tee Sign

  14. Hole #9 Tee Sign

    Hole #9 Tee Sign

  15. Hole #1 Tee Sign

    Hole #1 Tee Sign