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Recent content by sneakytiki

  1. sneakytiki

    Beating the cold

    I'd bet charlotte is more manageable than many other places though =P Winter is probably much short too. I just switch over to skiing, and throw a round on those few abnormally warm days.
  2. sneakytiki

    [Question] Flashing and stability

    I saw a noticeable difference with a new TP Tursas I picked up this summer. I threw it for a round, then half way through a second round I rubbed the flashed line of the rim on the stone tile teepad and it was noticeably more understable.
  3. sneakytiki

    Complaining About Facebook Auctions MEGATHREAD!!!

    Yikes. Do people... pay... these prices??
  4. sneakytiki

    ethics question about found discs(lots of them)

    After climbing back up the cliff with a bag of that many discs I would be pretty tempted to just launch them back off the cliff. It would be pretty satisfying.
  5. sneakytiki

    Hot Dog Stand?

    So its a buck a pop... What about the water and chips???? :o
  6. sneakytiki

    [Mids] Paired mid ranges? US OS Combo?

    It has been said, but Zone and Buzzz have very similar feel. Once you beat in the Buzzz a bit it should be US enough. If you need something way more US, I like the TP Tursas.
  7. sneakytiki

    3d Printers

    Graphene is strong, for sure. But isn't it a single layer of carbon in a chain link fence orientation? How would once extrude that? I don't know anything about the 3D printing industry by the way, just curious about this revolution you speak of.
  8. sneakytiki

    [Innova] Why has nobody ever told me?

    Can't get anything by this guy :p
  9. sneakytiki

    Haven't played in over 2 weeks.Ask me a Question.

    Did your arms get double amputated?
  10. sneakytiki

    Places that, if they had a DG course, would probably be a zero

    SOMEDAY... I will climb to the top of it AND have a view... I think I have climbed it 4 or 5 times... always cloudy. On the other hand, I have had some very clear hikes up Madison/adams. Never Washington though.
  11. sneakytiki

    [Question] Is BEEF in a lineup really necessary?

    Even if there isn't a lot of wind where you are, the flex lines you can hit with a super overstable disc... I gotta have the beef. I like my predator for overhand shots as well.
  12. sneakytiki

    [Question] What's NEVER leaving your bag?

    I'll agree to that. Forever is a long time to keep a mold in your bag.
  13. sneakytiki

    Getting Discs "Up To Speed"

    If I am not mistaken, the speed rating follows extremely closely with the rim width of the disc. More rim, more inertia, more force necessary to get a disc to a certain speed.
  14. sneakytiki

    Love the new Banner

    Look at banner, Michael!
  15. sneakytiki

    [Question] Good idea to wash discs?

    I am very sensitive to poison ivy, so I wash my discs often. I typically just dump them into my tub, turn on the shower with the drain close, throw a few drops of dish soap in there, and let em sit for a bit. I'll scrub any that are especially dirty. I then unplug the drain and turn on the...