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Recent content by sopelis

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    John Dodd Memorial benefiting the Semper Fi Fund

    The Annual John Dodd Memorial will be a one day, two round, PDGA C-tier event on Saturday, October 12 at Ballou Park DGC in Danville, VA. The event will raise funds for the Semper Fi Fund in honor of John Dodd, a local Danville Disc Golf member and friend who passed on May 26, 2017. There is no...
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    March Maddisc III

    Back again for the 3rd year of this awesome event. PDGA B-Tier event will be 3 rounds - 2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday Those in the top 4 in each division will then compete in a final 4 seeded match play event for extra cash/winnings and the overall trophies. $60 Open $50 Advanced $40...
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    Danville Disc Golf PDGA Spring 2018 League

    8 Week PDGA League. $5 per week (rated round) $1 optional ace pool 20% payout to top weekly round
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    The Fifth Annual Trilogy Challenge for Pediatric Cancer

    Rockness Monster DGC Roxboro, NC $35 All Divisions Check in - 8-9 a.m. Players Mtg - 9:15 All proceeds go to local cancer patients. LUNCH IS INCLUDED! PRE-REGISTRATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! As of May 16 - 8 slots remain LIMITED PACKS WILL BE AVAILABLE THAT DAY. Last year the extras I...
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    March Maddisc II

    One of the coolest events of the year steps it up with an awesome and unique players pack and a chance for you to be on a disc! Yes you. ABOUT THE EVENT Since we're in the heart of the college season, I thought to hitch a ride on it with March Maddisc. March Maddisc combines a one round PDGA...
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    The John Dodd Memorial Benefiting the Semper Fi Fund

    The First Annual John Dodd Memorial benefiting the Semper Fi Fund will be a one day, two round, C-tier event under the PDGA's Competition Endowment Program. All proceeds will go to the Semper Fi Fund in honor of John Dodd, a local Danville Disc Golf member and friend who passed in May 2017...
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    March Maddisc

    ADDED CASH FOR PROS (Currently $100) ADDED MERCH FOR AMS Sponsored by D-Town Disc Golf In an homage to that college basketball tourney everyone talks about and is kinda big but we can't mention directly because of trademark issues, we've created a unique event that mirrors that and it should be...
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    Thanksgiving Throwdown III - Black Friday

    3rd year of the Thanksgiving Throwdown is now on Black Friday for all you nonshopper disc golf lovers. Great weather is in the forecast and a wonderful course to play.
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    Danville Disc Golf Championship

    First Annual Danville Disc Golf Championship. Amateur only, trophy only event. ONLY $20! Includes breakfast and lunch. Compete in 4 different trophy events earning points to be crowned the overall champion. Events include: Skills Round Champion, Putting Champion, Midrange Champion, and Long...
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    Danville Disc Golf PDGA League presented by Me's Burgers & Brews

    PDGA Sanctioned Danville Disc Golf League presented by Me's Burgers & Brews. Every Thursday flex start between 3:45-5:45 p.m. $5 entry. Pro and Am. Must have 3 to a card. Every participant gets a $1 off meal to Me's Burgers & Brews every night. Optional $1 ace pool which currently stands at...
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    Trilogy Challenge

    Trilogy Challenge disc golf tourney presented by Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Lat 64. Players pack $30 for 3 discs, a towel and more. All proceeds go to benefit local veterans.
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    Review by sopelis in course Ballou Park DGC - Course #2

    3.50 star(s) On it's way I'm redoing my old review since I feel it was needed. Plus i'm bored at work. I play this course all the time. I live in the area and this is where my handful of friends I can stand like to gather. Ironically they have discs and we like hearing the sound of banging chains. Hence...
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    Review by sopelis in course Kraken DGC

    3.00 star(s) A Young Maturing Beast As someone who plays the triangle of beasts often (Rockness, Sasquatch, Kraken), I could be a little biased towards this course, but yet i'm keeping an open mind during this review. On to the positives. New, level baskets: This is often taken for granted now a days, but...
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    Trilogy Challenge

    All proceeds from this Trilogy Challenge will now go to support a young courageous lady in the area named Michie (pronounced Micky). Michie is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with bone cancer. She is currently undergoing chemo and will have right knee replacement surgery in March and have a...
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    New trilogy challenge

    I TD'd one last year. Sent out a form to those registered to select their 1st, 2nd, 3rd color preference for each disc (with pics of colors). Gave preference to those that signed up first, not arrived first. Little more time for me to setup, but no one complained since it seemed more fair that...