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    [Millennium] OLF Mega Thread

    I've been working on my FH quite a bit this year and have been looking for something that goes pretty straight. Maybe a little turn and a little come back. Ability to stay on hyzer if that's my throw. Pulled a 1.1 MOLF and 1.1 SOLF from my collection and they are working great. Might have to...
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    [Innova] Innova KATANA

    I'm sure I've commented in this katana forum several times before, but I found a Pro Katana in a used bin the other day and it's just a thing of beauty. I knew it would be. It absolutely sizzles. Looking back, all my favorite distance drivers have been katanas. A few have been champ, one has...
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    [Westside] Northman

    Northman is my favorite driver in the woods. I sure with they would manufacture some.
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    [Westside] Bear

    The prototypes were domey and good. Flew similar to Thunderbirds. Maybe a little less stable. The VIP Ice were flat and flew like bricks. I don't know about the regular VIP ones that just came out.
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    [Westside] Westside Stag

    I use the Stag on low power woods shots, uphill distance shots, and hyzer-flip turnovers that don't burn and roll. Pretty useful disc. Just got a few of the prototype Bear and it's significantly more stable. My first impressions are somewhere in the TeeBird/Eagle realm. Definitely something...
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    PDGA Major: 2022 PDGA Champions Cup Apr 14-17

    Personally I think they should have this major tournament at this course at this time of year every year.
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    [Innova] Pro Thunderbird, flying past all others

    The SPZ3 from the 2020 Trilogy Challenge was a pretty nice disc. I still have two of them. A little more turn than the Thunderbird but finished stable. I might have to throw one back in the bag. I don't mind bagging a number of fairway drivers if they do something slightly different but useful.
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    [Innova] Pro Thunderbird, flying past all others

    I throw Pro Thunderbirds. They have been really hard to come by the last 2 years but I buy them from used bins wherever possible. I'm primarily a hyzer flip thrower and they never turn over on me. They start pretty stable. I can flip newer ones into a head wind perfectly and beat ones in calm...
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    2022 Memorial Championship in Arizona

    It’s so strange to have the Memorial demoted. Doesn’t even look like there is live scoring. I personally hate playing that course but it’s been an early season tradition to watch for so long.
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    Are We Still Laughing at Steve Dodge?

    Has anyone checked the Maple Hill property for a virus manipulation lab?
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    2022 Memorial Championship in Arizona

    Will anyone be filming this event?
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    [Discmania] P2 psycho: who else loves it?

    Is the Flex 2 plastic the same as Trilogy medium putter plastics?
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    The Inevitable 2022 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Prodigy also kept Gannon Buhr, who probably has more potential than anybody out there. It takes him awhile to throw and putt but when he does it looks totally effortless. I think he'll become one of those 1050 guys in the next couple of years.
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    Will any Euro MPO players make a lead card during the first eg of the tour?

    Yes I think they have some serious disadvantages coming from the cold to the unfamiliar. I guess they typically go to Spain this time of year but the courses are short. Linus definitely seems to be all-in. He is registered for everything. Dude is only 22. I hope he takes one down. Regarding...