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    Raven's Bowl Disc Golf Championship

    This is a two day, two round, PDGA sanctioned C-Tier event that coincidences with the Kluane International Bike Relay and the Fisherman's BBQ in Haines, AK. The first round for all divisions will be played on Saturday 6/17/23 at 6pm, allowing players to enjoy the Fisherman's BBQ at the Southeast...
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    the Black Ace

    This sort of plays like an Ace Race, one card, one shot, 27 holes. The scoring is set up on a points based system, all points are relative to the baskets on the hole accept for the BLACK ACE: Ace = 5, Metal Hit = 2, CTP = 1, BLACK ACE = 3. There are tons of prizes donated by the RBKB club...
  3. Hole #9 Approach

    Hole #9 Approach

  4. Hole #5 Approach

    Hole #5 Approach

  5. Hole #11 Green

    Hole #11 Green

  6. Hole #18 Approach

    Hole #18 Approach

  7. Hole #3 Tee

    Hole #3 Tee

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    Review by squeekyboard in course Raven's Bowl

    4.00 star(s) Way cleaner, better signage Lots of variety and great views. Several open shots, several tight and brushy holes. The layout is easy enough to follow, and the kegs are gratifying targets. The signage is pretty easy to follow, but I always suggest downloading the course map before playing. Some...
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    Review by squeekyboard in course Buddy Butts DGC

    3.00 star(s) Great space with a poor layout It's a fun course if you have a big arm, or like wide open range. The grass is well maintained and that's kind of a big deal, there is a lot of grass to mow out there. All of the holes work well with their features. The layout is pretty open, but the course plays...
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    Review by squeekyboard in course Center City DGC

    4.00 star(s) Bring a course map This course is not at all repetitive. There are hills, trees, twists, turns, dips, fields and a small clay canyon. Some holes can be a bit of a challenge where as others can be easy targets. You have plenty of opportunities to stretch out long throws as well as show off some...