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    Review by statictones in course Westview DGC

    3.50 star(s) Not too shabby -wind -clearly marked -alternate course -water and other OBs -nice clean area -cement pads -park on site for kids -wind -still feels a bit too short -too much of the same...straight shot almost every time. Clearly a beginners course with some added difficulty in some areas. Nice...
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    Where do you find disc's at

    Pulled a pro starfire and a champion orc within 2 days. No numbers. I found them in the same creek and will continue to keep them if they have no number...always have a number!
  3. Sideways panorama chirzzz

    Sideways panorama chirzzz

  4. chirzzz with a nice birdie

    chirzzz with a nice birdie

    Nice long birdie in a good afternoon