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    Looking for eclipse destination advice - Illinois or Indiana

    Can anyone recommend a course along the path of totality where I could have good chances of finding a spot to discreetly pop a tent on Sunday/sunday night? Or, if someone has a better recommendation for the cost of gas, Im all ears. The center line marks the prime spots.
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    Had to stop watching Simon's You Tube stuff.

    I came to DG from a history of playing ball golf. There, everyone I knew played with honor and etiquette. As a sportsman, that means you WANT your competitor to play the best round of their life. You actively encourage their success as well as your own. Concentration is not a completely...
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    Unexpected benefits of baggin 1 color

    I used to spend so much time looking for discs, I would have actual nightmares where I would just endlessly search. Then, I realized my day-glo yellow discs were SO much easier to see than any other, because of my color-blindness. They absolutely POP off the grass to my eyes. Even when other...
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    Any Major ever won by a southpaw?

    Has a left-handed player ever won one of the Major events in MPO or FPO?
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    Can you knock snow off a branch?

    The question still remains unanswered.
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    Can you knock snow off a branch?

    Would snow be loose debris?
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    Writing on putter

    I'm not a fan of the purely subconscious routine. When I miss a putt while concentrating, I can analyze what went wrong and work to do better in the future. But, if I miss while hoping my instincts make the putt for me, I'm at loss. There's nothing I can work on to fix whatever went wrong...
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    Reach back era is over, long live the whip.

    From the disc's perspective, it is irrelevant what happened before moment it began moving purely on its own momentum. Ideally, YMS will increase when using a whip-like motion (albeit for a much shorter timespan and hopefully at the moment of release), but the fact that the disc was accelerating...
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    My disc golf bag is backwards. Yours is too.

    Easy solution. Become left-handed.
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    Red-green color blind accessibility.

    My least favorite is being explained exactly where the orange OB flag line extends and then throwing (what I think is) the perfect shot, only to be told I was OB by 10 feet.
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    Remote Controlled DG Basket

    This sounds similar to a post I made here 6 years ago..
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    Where's the Joan-ez?

    I wouldn't suggest to ignore the problem. I merely feel it would be more prudent to stop repeating what caused the problem in the first place.
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    Where's the Joan-ez?

    Women ARE on unequal footing and it is a result of prejudice. I wish people didn't feel the solution to sexism/racism was MORE sexism/racism in the opposite direction. It never unifies anyone and only serves to highlight divisions.
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    Where's the Joan-ez?

    Prejudice is alive and well. Just look at the OP.
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    Where's the Joan-ez?

    Do they have to have typical female anatomy from birth for you to seek to support them? Or, is it alright if they surgically switched anatomies somewhere down the line? What if they have a mixture of the two types of reproductive sets; will you only seek to support them at a 50% rate of a full...